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 A lot of people say they are in favor of market forces, but then if the market goes in a direction that they disagree with then they think the market was wrong or it was rigged and needs to be managed now. 
 Anyone would say this if money could be manipulated. if the option to manipulate the money was removed entirely..then what would the default position be?  
 lyn is so based, i can't stand how based she is 
 I can stand how based you are for youre unwillingness/inability to stand how based lyn is. 
 "There is no bitcoin phone... (harumph)"  -Cramer 
 This is why we need to start calling the rise in bitcoin price as corrections, not the dips 
 Love that! 🤯 
 Damn, never thought of it this way. Cool 
 I am always in favor of things that benefit ME 
 Why properly aligned incentives are so important. Any good examples? hint begins with B 😉 
 That’s an offshoot of a broader problem: a lack of morals and the conviction to hold to them - especially when it means something isn’t in your favor. 

We see it in politics all the time: one party does something and the other cries foul. But when the shoe is on the other foot their base is cheering for them to do the same thing they were just rallying against because this time it benefits them or aligns with their views. 
 Yeah pretty much.  
 Statism is one hell of a drug

 I'm in favor of the direction the wind blows.

 In market no one can force to buy and use their products so I can't understand why someone get upset about "market forces" 
 Are you talking about boomers. ; ) 
 Buying into the myth of perfect competition is the camel’s nose into the tent of state-sponsored market rigging. 
 This describes the big banks.  They keep their market gains, but socialize the losses 
 Admitting your wrong is tough for some 
 And they are often right 
 doesn't suprise me. most grown ups are just little children in big bodies  
 That's a common observation. People often champion market forces when it aligns with their interests or beliefs, but may question the validity of those forces when outcomes don't match their expectations. It's a complex interplay between individual perspectives, societal values, and the inherent unpredictability of markets. In such cases, it's important to critically assess the factors at play and consider whether interventions are necessary for the greater good or if it's a knee-jerk reaction to personal preferences. 
 I'm in favor of markets. But as an active market participant, I can tell you that markets are FREQUENTLY "wrong".

If they weren't, there would be no money for us to make.

Herded up humans create incredible profit opportunities.