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 After spending 7 years as a political prisoner, I understood what freedom really is when I was under solitary confinement.  Freedom is not one thing, freedom is the sum of being able to do many things, that’s why I believe that financial freedom is one of the many dimensions of freedom at large. 
 Sounds like you’ve lived through a lot and have amazing stories.  
 For a sec I thought you were Assange 
 Absolutely, having lived under apartheid, I have to agree, we received the right to study what we could qualify for, travel where we want, work where we could provide value and it generated a boom but we as people are finding out now, if you can't safely store away the product of your labour, your freedoms are diluted 
 Please consider using graphene OS and Linux on PC. It will protect you, and those around you. 
 A speech that inspires positive energy. I salute you for this speech 
 Please take care of yourself and use the privacy tools available to protect yourself and the others fighting with you! Do not be afraid to ask this community for help! We have your back 🫡 
 Hope you haven't fallen for the Bitcoin maxi narrative that BTC privacy is sufficient especially for someone exposed like you.

For the best privacy in an adversarial environment use Monero. 
 El Chapo will join to😂🤣 
 Too bad financial freedom is being eroded by complacent miners and the core dev team 
 What happened? 
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 Why did you have to threat me with contempt, have you been scammed by me?  
 Why don't you use your golden method to make yourself rich if it's real then? 
 Hey Leo we met in Zambia last year.
Happy to see you here 🫂 
 So now make Nacamoto to dictate the world! You did not learn freedom 
 I lived in his municipality's when I was a kid, my parents always said thathes did a decent job, specially with the conditions at the time