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 Zaps will pave the way. Assholes will always exist, but there are far more humans out there that seek positive connections than those wishing for negative ones. Zaps incentivize positivity and kindness. 
 Be the asshole you don't want to see on the internet 🫡 
 I am not sure if this is exactly what I meant, but allow allow it. It's an open protocol. 
 The open protocol will expose the assholes more easily, and lead naturally to a more positive open square 
 Yes. Thanks. 
 💯 this one is for the #nostrsimps 🤙🏽 
 If we don't simp for Nostr no one will. 
 #BeNice https://image.nostr.build/942a58acb24c86dc14a5f55aaed0c7d8f257d9637eb5bd9a17a4662f52183ae3.jpg  
 Basically. https://i.nostr.build/xEOM3.gif 
 Dafuq is this?

You been sleeping in the henhouse again Derek? 
 Ser this is a #rosstrich 
 Bookmarked for when the next pandemic begins 
 This is the collaborative effort of several Nostriches to make us have nightmares. 
 😂😂😂 the fucking rosstrich gets me everytime…..I’ll zap this until I die. 
 Did you see the one with audio? @The: Daniel⚡️ 👀👂 
 Found it nostr:note1v08efd5dj9pq4k6geekjx3vhhn4nh2s5rdtnzn77k3yl8xjs0v5qkl7x3u 
 😂😂😂😂no haven’t seen it!!! Thanks!!!! 
 I had my phone on full volume 😂 
 That one is great 😂 
 The #Rosstrich will haunt #Nostr forever!
 Oh wow. Never saw the full audio version. This is amazing 
 I am now permanently scarred…🤣💜🤙 
 I believe this is the desired outcome 😂 
 My favourite is the water scene, where I think he may be peeing into the water? 😂😂

I must’ve seen the one with audio, but would watch it again 😂😂 
 Shoot i think @Buddha / @lauren are behind that one 🤭🤭🤭 
 Yeah, I think you’re right. I’ve been trying to find it. 😂😂 
 That’s a Lauren meme 😌 

I proud 
 I’m looking for it and finding so many old gems. 🤣
 LMAO, I remember this.
 It’s the song of our people.
 😂😂😂 love them all!!! 
 Remember when my dog got stoned?
 😂😂ya…..simple times back then 😂😂 
 I can be an asshole sometimes and I regret not stating my point of view in more graceful ways often.

But even Jesus said "Zap your enemies!"

 Well sure, I'll zap a comment if it's a comment I disagree with, but it's a good well thought out reply, but if someone is a basement dwelling troll, I won't zap that. 
 "I would do anything for zaps, but I won't do that!" 
 So, for sure you are definitely not an asshole. Good for you! 
 I can be, but I try really hard not to be. 
 That means you have great tendency of being an asshole that’s why you try Really hard not to be. 
 No one is perfect. 
 Agree, just to different extend of being asshole. 
 Btw, as Jack Dorsey’s friend, what do you think of his sex tape with his ex-wife Raven Lyn? 
 First I need to ask if you want an honest response or a shitpost response? 
 Of course , an honest response!! Please! 
 Okay! Here it is then.

I have absolutely zero idea what you're talking about and honestly don't really care. 
 Ok, got it, you are not rich/privileged enough to join the club for the fantastic fairytale. 
 Btw, if every answer need to be customized for client’s preference, so how true you always be to your heart? Anyway, not my business, good to know your personality and characters. 
 Just mute this idiot. I did. 
 Really? You genius, lets see who is the one to be muted someday permanently!
Cheers Genius! 
 Who gives a fuck whether you mute me or not. 
Someday… we will see … 
 Since you were so curious about my business, for sure, I will try my BEST to include you in my every single relevant business with you. 

Btw, thanks for helping promote my marketing post. Btw, though i dont think you could find me better VIP client than what i already have. 

Genius !! 
 Btw, i bet you sucked Jack Dorsey’s dick a lot! 
 Love you long time Mr Ross 🫂 
 My zap approve of this message 
 "We all want to help one another.
We want to live by each other's happiness, not by each other's misery"

 Indeed.. I completely agree with you. It's a shift of paradigm in mind that takes time to be done, even with the right incentives. But I agree it will organically grow a positive wayt of communicating with others, also because after the short term incentives of a #zap, the long time incentive of creating real and good bonds with people will overcome a bunch of sats.. we need just to realize that good relationship arenthe biggest value. 
 Just getting to grips with all this Zaps business. Have seen some interviews talking about how it could be utilised to deter individuals from  creating  Bot accounts and maybe even forcing people to put down collateral to punish bad actors.

Very interesting. Would be good to see something like this implemented once the idea his been fully developed.