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 Florida has banned social media for minors (supplanting parents' right to make that choice), California wants to KYC social media users, and Facebook just sold their users' DMs to Netflix. Nostr is as needed as ever. 
 Preparemosno que van a venir muchos niños a nostr 😂🫡👏 
 Yo what's the link to the DM sales?! Lol that's no bueno  

Looks like this happened a long time ago, and only broke recently. I believe DMs between non-business users are now e2ee. 
 I searched myself and yes, saw this was over a decade ago

Like most things; they do it and public finds out years later 
 wow i did not know DM's can be sold . A lot of customer support programmes is tied to FB DMs. Even gov't agencies engage through FB DMs. And banks lol. Bank customer support request private details through DM to resolve issues. Pretty crazy for a 3rd party to buy all this info.  
 absolutely. thankfully nostr provides a good off-ramp

 Funniest thing ever. I left these sites when it switched from social networking to social media. It used to be about the users not anymore. ALL ABOUT RECORD PROFITS!! 
 Governments will always try to keep enslaving humanity. This is what they do. 
 FB sold DM's to NF? How!? And Why?! 
 DMs used to be plaintext (they aren't anymore as of December). For advertising of course! 
 WOW, that’s dark DM’s 👀 
 Wait earnestly re: Meta and Netflix? How so? 
 The state is like an abusive parent. 
 Yes, when people say they have nothing to hide, they didn't think of it as an abusive parent rummaging through their pictures, emails and texts. 

 okay well florida is fucking stupid. nothing new there. and it does nothing for anon/pseudo anon for children with parent sponsorship so shut the fuck up you fear mongering troll. are you just now figuring out social media companies sell user data for entertainment profits? how do you think babie movies are made? lmfao. 
 reminder: the_valley is non-profit. 
 GovernMamy taking care of it’s flocks 😈🤪🤮 who dont need someone telling them how to 


 I like it when other people advertise for us, but damn, it's getting very weird. 
 It's getting weird out there. Stay free. Use Nostr. 
 Should be noted that it’s totally possible to follow the law while using Nostr. Nostr doesn’t require anyone to break the law. 
 Made up laws. 
 No different than Uganda taxing "social media" for everyone.  The net effect was that the popular quickly discovered decentralized and federated social media - a very positive effect.  The law is only effective on centralized "social media" that requires registration.  The Uganda govt was paywalling IPs of large centralized outfits like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc

Someone will have to look at the Florida law in detail to see if 3rd party registration (such as for Activity Pub sites run by someone else) is prohibited.  Yet another incentive to run your own or go fully decentralized. 
 How long until someone writes a chrome extension that finds and automatically deletes unsolicited brand DMs?

Also, nothing stops that on Nostr, but at least we can share npub blacklists to mitigate it on our own. 
 Ahh man 😩 the only people still on fb are mums and grandmas 😞 gonna be nothing to watch now. Would explain why I was recommended this. I do love Emma Thompson though. https://image.nostr.build/5d858e9ab064e82c389d19f8ea36d3c6d5565e566253f41d8cdbfb6ded9b0c58.jpg  
 Use #Nostr 💜

 Sounds about right 😭 I think the shock factor for me stopped a long time ago. Things are def getting interesting for sure though  
 Ge nostr
 👏👏👏👏 Nostr Forever 
 Why are you so concerned that you won't be able to interact with minors on social media anymore? 
You are using this to suggest now nostr should be used to quench your pedophilic thirsts. Lmfao burn in hell you pedophile faggot 
 Even if the law was about protecting minors and not about controlling access to information, it will be used to control access to information. 
 lmao i literally couldnt care less, aww the govt controls your access to information? do better. linux is free and IOS is trash GFY.
Fuck all pedophiles may their hell torture be glorious to witness  
 Understand that catching pedophiles is the lie they sell you to enforce censorship and sounds like you would buy it, hook line and sinker. If they really wanted to take out pedophiles they would go after Epstein's list. 
 lmao cry about it more you pathetic kid diddler  
 I grew up finding out that 99% of my peers at school were at some point or at that point were being molested by pedophiles at various degrees of degeneracy at the highest point being the victims started to enjoy the abuse. I will never forgive any of you demons. The idea that only elite pedophiles will be prosecuted is the most ignorant thing on the planet. To hell with you and the rest  
 You want a police state to catch the pedos but don't worry about the traffickers at the top who run the operations. You're just a troll. Muted. 
 lmfao no you're just misreading my reply on purpose because I called out the way in which you are voicing a pro-pedophilia point of view, have fun burning in hell with your pathetic little mute button faggot weirdo, i hope some homeless guy eats from your eye sockets while you're still alive. 
 literal chinese propaganda IOS app gets deleted and you thinks its a police state, just say you can only get hard to pictures of pre pubecent tik tok girls and move on you disgusting scum bag 
 lmao another kid fucker, unbelievable  
 if you think that the govt banning an IOS app is where you draw the line at free speech you are so fucking late, youd have to be the most unaware person on earth to think that thats where their overstep started., you literal pedophiles can only think about molesting other kids yout dont give a rats ass about free speech 
 So true
 what a plot twist! 
 soon you will need to KYC with a irl person to use a smartdevice or any device online. 
 This is why we need #nostr! I made this video to onboard normies, feel free to share 😉 : https://m.primal.net/HnUB.mp4 
 we are all moving towards China... God help us... UPS #NOSTR help us
i am with you people 
 My childhood friend just died of an overdose in Fentanyl Ron's Florida.  Government doesn't solve problems.  People solve problems. 
 Re: California 
 Also Arkansa and Utah require age verification for social media platforms, which must be done with Government ID?