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 I don't know but I do have the feeling that somethings off with Snowden. Always had that feeling with him. He seems to me like a psy-op. It's weird. 
 Yea…what do you think on Assange? 
 I think he is legit. 
 Everythimg is a psy-op. Trump, Alex Jones, Q, Satoshi Nakamoto, Bukele, Elon, Assange, Zelenski, Bill Gates, Biden, Sunak, Macron, you name it. Snowden now - perhaps less so.
The ones probably closest in reality to what they appear (-ed) are JFK, Putin, Assad, Jack, Soros.
You are watching a movie. But only if you are on bitcoin. Else, you are playing a role in the movie. 
 I think people that bring this up have seen too many James Bond movies. He consistently says things that make sense. Nothing could be more psyop then the patriot act so I guess our entire government is a psyop. 
 The weird thing is that he says things that make sense. I don't know.