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 Nigeria’s CBDC 🇳🇬 

How much can I withdraw? Depends on how much you KYC, bro
 Do people actually think this is a good thing? 
 Some fucking ignorant shit people do. They are conditioned to not think critically or question anything. Just obey blindly 
 My god and for sure they're gonna twist things so people believe it to be 'only normal' 
 This is fine…🫠 
 $79 Bitcoin trades about to pop off  
 To be fair, this is already practiced already in many apps in the US.

This is a feature of fiat as a whole, not only CBDCs. 
 This is unfortunately true. 
 Starting of something remarkable. 
 but the UI is great 
 The scary thing is that people wont be able to exit quick enough with low limits and theyll be letting the govt know theyre exiting as they do. 🤦‍♂️ 
 okay you sold me, where do I sign up 
 With all the shit I know about KYC, when reading the fine print a third person in my head popped up and said “It’s ok. It’s safer that way” 
 The ultimate shitcoin. 
 Future features would obviously include “carbon credits”.

Can I fill the gas tank on my car? Sorry bro, carbon limit spent. Try again next month!

Many (most?) banks and credit cards already track purchases and calculate their “carbon footprint”. It’s trivial to add that to limit spending on CBDC “money”. 
 Those guys don't look like Nigerians! 

 And the more you KYC, the less you can even do with your money... 
 Such a great idea with the best of intentions. What could possibly go wrong 😀 
 lol looks like subscriptions tiers to a government spy program. Tier 2 "best value!" 
 What a nightmare 
 When you realize 1 Satoshi is 1.080628 Nigerian Naira.

 To many scam rooms packed like college classes of folks trying to get bitcoin from Facebook users.

A cbdc will never work there. Lol 
 How do you withdraw a CBDC, withdraw to what? 
 Maybe a spend limit.

Maybe they give the ability to exchange back to normal fiat. 
 i was just wondering this exact same thing. I assume to non-cdbc controlled entities, other countries, dollars, etc... 
 Wow. I had to do a bit of AI-ing to understand what some of that meant but that is exactly the case.