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 jabba the hutt can go fuck himself 
 Fat fuck 
 Absolute control 
 He can go and control his protein intake. 
 The irony of making a blimp the Head of the BIS is lost on the parasite class but a perfect encapsulation of how disconnected they are from regular people. 
 It's more probable to by design ;) 
 Totally agree sir 
 the queit part out loud. 
 Come on kids, sing along-  

He’s corrupt
He’s fat 
And he’s such a f’ing twat
Jabba the hutt
Jabba the hutt 
 Control freak 
 Jabba the cunt 
 The fact this blob exists and is a actually real makes me question the nature of reality. 

Its just too fucking hillarious and absurd to be real. 
 “absolute control” - the stuff of nightmares  
 Daddy wants to control you harder. Act accordingly.. #bitcoin
 Astonishing the level of easiness and nonchalance admitting they want to be the absolute dystopian rulers.  
 Extremely astonishing and publicly 💯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯 
 oh this guy . ......?

 GIF version. ......

 GIF version. ......

 Yo homie, all he wants to know is how much money you got, what you spending it on and how big is your D.

I don't see any issues with that. 
 He should go and eat something. he looks weak. 
 The Goodyear blip 
 Fat gluttonous pig. The epitome of the governmental system. 🖕🖕🖕🖕 
 A one world government is coming your way. Stand in line, and be doled out the rations they determine you are suitable to receive. 
 A lot of people are worried about CBDC's.  But in truth, I don't think they can compete with what's already out there.  They might try to shut down alternatives, but I don't think they can do that either when push comes to shove. 
 I guess they do not need to shhut down alternatives. They just have to sell on the media the idea that bitcoin is for terrorists and dope fiends. After that, just offer people 2 new cbdc units for every one spent, or whatever, and the next day there will be a line around the block from the BIS headquarters so people can sell their children for this crap... 
 End of financial privacy for the general, non-bitcoin population.

Ctrl + D money 
 Yeah but if your bitcoin is from most exchanges, you're already KYC'd with no privacy. How to fix? 
 Unfortunately the only solution (I can think of) at that point is to sell it all back through that same exchange and then rebuy via non-KYC, such as Bisq or Robosats. 
 "jabba the hut" 🤣 
 Just put us on a leash already and make us do tricks to earn your scraps. Save yourself the trouble of implementing all of that cutting edge, wonderful and incredible technology! Leash: simple. Thank you, from a have nothing and being happy slave 
 I doubt he could even manage to be fucked by himself. 
 😂 Great #meme! 
 Wer immer noch glaubt, dass diese Leute es gut mit uns meinen und es beim digitalen Euro nur um Komfort und nich um die totale Kontrolle geht, sollte ihnen einfach mal zuhören - sie sagen es doch ganz offen.

 Ich würde gerne soviel kotzen wie er fressen kann!