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 There is another important distinction: Law is not static, must be adapted to social reality. 
 This is the same as saying there must be a king who manages the normies , and that king must be wise.
And I agree with that. But there is no way to ensure the king will always be wise. Therefore, the world must be very much decentralized and non nationalistic, so that there would be good chances of having wise kings here and there at all times. And better chances for good kings to "fix" the bad neighbours.
Also, the wise men have to never again give in to any collectivist ideas like communism and democracy. 
 City states with constitutional monarchs, and allow free travel between the city states... it's the best model I can think of for a free-market of governance. 
 I can only add that there must also be uninhabited and unclaimed land that is for all tastes and no lower quality than the inhabited one. For fresh starts in case all kings suck.  
 Basically, what you do not use and cannot individually (non-collectively) protect, is not yours.