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 welcome Carine to nostr before everyone else does!

 I'm new jack 
 Who is Carine? 
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 Hello world.....World,you have become a wound. 
 I welcome myself to nostr. This is going to be one of my most exciting years to come radio, tv, modeling, magazines and more and my business. A lot of obstacles and up and down but great success.  The only hope in life is that grace will send help of angels along the way so during your hardest and best times things just keep being a blessed to you and others. Because there are a lot of gremlins out there💋  
 not necessary - 

learning is a spectrum. 
 they learn or get gone. i say block them on your followers bc it releases them from being trapped. they know to follow me if they want to be archived. just tell the lot you want archive bots and clean out your followers by blocking and screenshot them all - the ats will archive into your footprint. or just general if you prefer. 
 Carine- warm welcome. So glad your efforts led to your father’s release. 
 Hello Cerine, please tell us the secret of how you got 100 people to follow you just by saying hello world. 
 Jack effect! 🤝 
 DECENTRALIZATION = no one in charge. this means that what I think about Jack should not influence what people think about me. Also what Jack think about me should not influence what people think about me. 
 Have cred outside in the real world 
 in the real world and in your mom pussy 
 Uhhh, did Elon arrive??

Yes, I'm sorry!
 Welcome to Nostr @ckanimba 
 Hi Carine! 
 Welcome Carine! Also new here 😀 
 Thanks for being signal. Came after oslo, keep the great work .
The agregation of the descentralized money sistem with a social network just lacks the judicial system to start seeding a new type of governance.  
 Welcome! I just joined too. 
 Bienvenue Robotcentaur .. n'hésitez surtout pas à utiliser le hashtag asknostr en cas de difficulté durant la phase d'intégration..🕊️💜 
 A compliment:I look into Your blue eyes and i realize the stars don't only come out at night! 
 Worries growfor british doctor Michael Mosley.Where is Michael Mosley? 
 Α compliment:You're the most melodic tune ever discovered! 
 Alice was in the movies!You are in my heart always! 
 Jack:You can save your lips for marriage,Dino!Dinos:You're so romantic! 
 something else,sir?https://m.primal.net/IdGx.jpg  
 I wish to get things done 
The heavenly version of love in water 💦  
 !welcome “carine” nostr b4 “every1” dies 1 
 Welcome me Jack =) 
 Hoping 4 da best 
 Welcome! This is my first post as well! Looking to continue to learn more about this Nostr world! 
 this was the only response i wanted
from you.

Start from scratch, delete everything.

I am not meet Mr. Rahul Gandhi
or anyone.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi has a girlfriend.

I want to live alone now.

No need of friends.

I have Allah(sws) with me in this life
and the permanent Hereafter .

I am neither coming back here
nor on Twitter  .

Allah Hafiz !

Twitter . 
 one last thing

your face looks swollen, 
don't drink too much.
take care 
 what client do you use?