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 A local college professor just asked me to speak about Bitcoin mining in his environmental scienc... 
 That’s awesome! What’d you say? 
 If Biden did this, I promise I will vote for Biden! 
I mean, I won’t, but it’s an election promise that I will! 
 Jerome: Prices are still going up but it’s going up slower than before, based on our carefully ... 
 I was under the impression they’d be looking at the “totality of the data” 
 What happened to that Apple VR thing? 
 And the non-pro OS 
 Relays are dying :( 

 Fixing people is cost-prohibitive for them in the long run 
 Andrew Ross Sorkin looks a bit possessed in this still. 

 you know you gotta shut up when your buddy throws you that look and his girl is nearby 
 Correct Tarantino list in order. All other opinions are wrong. 

1. Inglorious Basterds 
2. Pulp ... 
 Why does Reservoir Dogs have to be Mr. 5? 
 Happy Easter. 

I grew up Catholic, then had an edgy teenager phase where I was a materialist wor... 
 Happy Easter!  
 Nice setup! Let me know if you need any testing/QA :P 
 My dog actually went outside to throw up all on his own.  Such a good boy, I let him eat it as a reward! 🙈 
 GM 🌞 
 GM what a time to be 
 If you been in #bitcoin for a few cycles and wish it to go down so bad vs fiat it’s simply says... 
 Those types won’t buy hard if the price goes down anyway. 
 We are all bitcoiners. We are all people :) 
GN frenz 
 Zerohedge is a boomer gold maxi. Sad! 
 I prefer no agenda for my news 😀 
 There is something I can’t seem to comprehend. 

If I am building an app that uses libraries. I... 
 Ohhh yea brother 
 I miss Dimebag Darrell. 
 small relays only? 
 With high latency 
 Six sigma design. Make it work well for the worst scenarios 
 Stoked to say that inbound zaps to my cashu address worked today. Keep an eye on those DM’s 
 Kind of clip you have to think is a deep fake. This makes me bullshit as fuck! 
 replace relays with DVMs 
 And it doesn’t even matter 👍 👍 
 The cool thing about buying from bitcoin hat guy is that you become a bitcoin hat guy. 
 Ai is going to be used to flood the internet with shit like this. It won’t be long before you c... 
 I'm not so good at detecting via the wordiness mainly because I always skimmed through long form posts in the past. Wonder if its too late for me on that front.
AI comments on posts will be my downfall. :( 
 Bitcoin layer 0 is fast as hell compared to waiting 1-3 business days for an inter-bank ACH transfer to confirm. https://image.nostr.build/ea16436213ffdaa1ec3a4970fea0d50bc873b1e8f7fda54f8547a442a4eda581.gif  
 Yo @jack mallers 
There’s an issue between Plaid and BECU (Boeing Employees Credit Union) wherein I can successfully connect a BECU checking account to Strike and pass the 2fa. But when trying to deposit money into Strike, BECU sends more text codes again that cant be entered into Strike to authorize the deposit. 
Have tried disabling 2fa temporarily but then the damn bank wants me to answer security questions. 🤦 
 After thinking about it more, it’s really an issue between the shitty bank and plaid. I don’t think there’s anything the app can do to complete the last mile of the transfer. Ah well. 
 BECU authentication method doesn’t work with Strike since BECU tries to 2fa on every deposit after successfully connected/2fa’d during bank link process 
 Is there an easier way to find people to follow with similar interests? I’ve searched hashtags ... 
 Good advice in this thread!  I’ve been standing on the corner shouting my npub and interests at passers by, but it’s a small town so your mileage may vary 🤷 
 Finally confronted my upstairs neighbor for doing what sounds like practicing shot put. 

 Eye for an eye tater. Make friends with the tenant above her and make some noise 
 Scrooge McDuck would be losing his shit at the level of inflation we're seeing since 2008. 
 Having managed small to medium sized networks for the past ten years, with teams of admins working full time; I love and appreciate bitcoin for just working and not needing to be coddled on the daily. 
 note to self. dont put the can in the freezer just "real quick". u will forget it, again and agai... 
 This is something my brother always did growing up. So many exploded cokes in the fridge lmao 
 Does the +/- increase/decrease the DELAY between the wipes, or AMOUNT of wipes in a given interval. I think it’s a broken feature on my car so I just oscillate between wipers on/off/turbo 
 Can’t wait to buy some bitties at 70k, LFG! 

Sometimes I make mistakes. 

Sometimes others make mistakes.

Sometimes we all make mistak... 
 Thank god we’re not elevator mechanics 🤣 
 @TatumTurnUp 🤙
I 💯 ^1,000,000 agree that Marten Hørger has created the perfect song for this bull market cycle. Good call duder 


This is what I’m gonna be bumping on the big days!  Creed just doesn’t have the right style, the right flavor, the je ne sais quoi for what we’re about to go thru. 
 I feel you… I don’t have a Reddit or the app. Here’s a youtube link https://youtu.be/q8syiMmM9qw 
 the inevitable nostr protocol wars are going to be messy, frustrating, and beautiful

feature -  ... 
 But WHY do you hate non-fungible memes? 🤣💀