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 Another wack ass chart polluting my feed 
 Luv ya too, not so much the lines on a screen 
 Ditched the laser eyes forever today because they turned out to be just another shitcoin. 😂

 Dude your eyes look hella weird now 
 I will try…. 
 I don’t know what cashu nuts are, feel like the bandwagon passed by and now I’m too afraid to... 
 Hold on I can fix this 
 I still can’t explain them to you, but I know how to use them 🤷‍♀️ 
 Because I literally don’t know 
 Hey man I like you. We’re two idiots in a pod over here 
 Who wants to get teaaaaa bagged? Chomp on these nuts:

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 https://image.nostr.build/d97299f54d1b31f5ca1847418c4a9be9f3ac88887ac145e31f8ed6bd94a8a670.gif  
 GN frens 
 I love bouncing ideas back and forth with nostr:nprofile1qqszrdqezqk63lqt4yzgftkfxjl4tdatea67akee... 
 Well fuck you too then 
 g2g brb 
 Are tennis balls yellow or green? I could Google this, but I don’t want google to tell me what ... 
 Lime green 
 That’s why you were confused between yellow and green. It’s a trick question, it’s both 😂 
 "Dad, what's securities fraud?"

- my fuckin' 8 year old, for no damn reason.  
 What the fuck is he up to now I wonder? 😂 
 This is going to be amazing! 😻 nostr:note16e5zqm4chvyea545xdxdmz6dhdmdr94ephgvyvf0yle6e6f34z4s... 
 If I can pull it off 😂 
 Would be fun the write: 

NOSTR: The Musical 
 There’s a lot of ideas floating around, but ideally, there would be helpers. A hysterical account of a nostrich before nostr, during the inception, up to today. I want the silly trends to be songs of their own like a whole nukenening, pet rock, Dan, hawktua song etc. 

It’s all gonna follow a coherent/typical plot line of genesis, conflict, climax, and resolution. Maybe it could even go into the future. Idk 
 Right? Would be fun for onboarding too 
 If it’s a Noshole production, I recommend a big fat doobie 🤷‍♀️🫠 
 Ok fine drink the damn beer, but I will only be serving warm PBR 
 You volunteering to collab ????? 
 I would adore that 🥹🥹 
 Omg a dream come true 
 Yes? You want some?? 
 “Suerte que mis pechos sean pequeños y nos los confundas con montañas“
 Right? I was in no mood to get up and out about 10 minutes before 
 Can’t hear me either 🤣 
 The girl too 
 Nooo I wish 
 Yasssss MORE energy 
 I feel it 🫠 
 Oh thank goodness. As you know, I am a female on nostr therefore everything I do here is clearly begging for SATs  😂 
 Nahh u good, I have a bit of a troll side 
 Ahaha I love them 
 Yeah spiders are amongst my favorite creatures. If I was at home, I would have moved him, but I was in his home so I had to be polite 
 Hahaha, but he’s cute 
 They’re the best! At home, I keep daddy long legs and mosquito hawks around. They have a job to do haha 
 27 Degrees 🥵 & UK going into meltdown mode ☀️😊 
 Sew 100 ice packs into a suit 
 Dude can you believe that people be gambling without the wings 🤣🤣🤣 
 HBD 🎂 

 Thank you🫂🫂🫂 
 I should have 
 Aww thank you my friend. Love you so much 🫂❤️ 
 Thank you 😂 
 Thank youuu🫂 
 Hey thanks friend 💃 
 Thank u so much 🫂💖 
 Thank u friend ! 🫂🫂 
 Many thanks💃💃 
 Thank you! 
 Thank you 🫂 
 Thanks Nunya🫂 
 Thanks Tigs 🤣😂🤣 
 Hahah, thank you uncle 🫂