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 Good morning. 

War is bad.
Peace is good. 
 Some wars are justified  
 Essentially, the USA is a TOOL that was created by Zionists to be used to create their World Government that they control. Once their objectives are realized, there will be no more use for the TOOL. This is why the USA will cease to exist when World Gov is achieved. 
 What if we all just stop paying taxes until the government starts respecting the constitution?

 all our taxes go to our greatest ally; you have to be a cuck to pay taxes nowadays  
 Do you support our greatest ally? 
 How do flat earthers explain a solar eclipse?

Do they just think it’s another part of the psyo... 
 the moon is not a physical object it is plasma  
 Happy Easter. 

I grew up Catholic, then had an edgy teenager phase where I was a materialist wor... 
 weird for people descended from europeans to worship a middle eastern cult eh?