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“Normal” inflation is 2% per year.
Or roughly 0.2% per month.
And hyperinflation is 50% per month.
So, we aren’t there yet. 
It’s all fine!
But is it?

What if we define something in between?
Call it superinflation.
Say superinflation is 5% per month.
In that case…
BTC has appreciated >20000% vs USD.
Over a ten year period.
That’s a monthly rate of >8.6%.

That means the dollar has devalued against Bitcoin by more than 5% per month on average for ten years.

So: yes, hyperbitcoinization hasn’t hit yet.
But superbitcoinization is already here.
We’ve been living through it. https://image.nostr.build/716a38d1ffbfbc352c669e6cbf9e61ac3a539730c4549c6b7671e1828690c19c.jpg  
 Trust the Fed, end up dead. 
 Running nostr 
 Real. Will DM you from twitter.com/balajis to confirm.