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 Mmmmmm 58K so good

58k Gang Gang 
 yum yum 
 😂. would you be willing to take his exact stack and dosages for .1 bitcoin? 
 lmao such a gamble, he must have a crazy tolerance by now :x 
 Gee, why would they need to do that?

I thought chat control scanning would only violate the priv... 
 Some animal farm bs right there 
 Anyone know why BTC Prague is refusing to release the videos from this year? Way to kill the mome... 
 aww I wanted to see Tuur's 
 Do you think hyperbitcoinization will end the rapid rise of Bitcoin's purchasing power? 
 i think it could be in 10+ years due to technology being exponential ala Jeff Booth's thesis.. but completely impossible to know  
 In the spirit of understanding i am going to start asking yall for your truth and definitions
So ... 
 willing to hug each other 
 what’s wrong with being a housewife? sounds like a dream. 

sadly fiat has made it so you can... 
 would love to hear about some of those areas for home and land searches if you are willing to share! 
 My God, last night was fun 
 What'd you go do? 
 heck yeah, good times 
 OKX spent $18,000,000 in transaction fees consolidating UTXOs yesterday and they likely could hav... 
 Bitcoin: making the dumb tax great again 
 Got invited to go to the soccer game on saturday bc coach wants me to stfu on twitter about them ... 
 lmao no way. good job on that 👏  
 Odell ( nostr:npub1qny3tkh0acurzla8x3zy4nhrjz5zd8l9sy9jys09umwng00manysew95gx ) is right about no... 
 It's like the console wars. Gotta have some exclusives. 
 I just learned for the first time that the Kennedys paid for Oswald's defense attorney  
 riddle me this. why didn't the US govt follow its own pandemic preparedness plan which was researched for best practices such as masks are worthless for coronaviruses and social distancing is not a thing. instead they all got scared and made things up. this isn't hard and you are tripping over yourself to explain their initial freakout choices. 
 My allergies are off the fucking charts. I just wanna breathe and feel my eyes for once. 
 Oh man I wanted nettle tea to work so bad but I was allergic to it or something. Gave me hives or eczema every time I have tried it. 
 Will look for it and try it 👍 
 You can become an attorney without a degree as far as I know (at least in many states). All you n... 
 I don't see the event but most states require you to finish law school to pass the bar. Few states don't such as California  
 please give an update later. have always been curious  
 Hell yes, thank you for the update and good news for you. Over or under the fitted sheet on mattress?  
 Hard truth: a group of Individuals created the State to eliminate any and all competition 
 Yes, the legalized mafia! 
 #theleftcantmeme. What an embarrassing mug lmao 
 I'm learning about utxos lol, better late than never I suppose. (Is it too late lol?) 

So basica... 
 Anything under 30 sats per vbyte are probably decent fees. So if you receive a lot of main chain small donations/fees, you will need to consolidate when fees are low into one "fat" utxo (at least over .01 btc, .1 prob best) to guarantee future spendability on the main chain.

Thus, better to get small donations over lightning or liquid and then consolidating to main chain once it gets large enough. 
 You can look at https://mempool.space/ to see current and past fee rates 
 very generally. but if you have a lot of $5 chunks of bitcoin you are pretty boned. might as well pray for under 5 sats per vbyte and consolidate then. 
 =(. use main chain for $500+ movement of money. use lightning for everything less. you'll be okay 
 which wallet do you use (you don't have to say)? some phone wallets kinda autoconsolidate for you 
 ah okay sry! 
 What account is most similar to mine? Just wondering 
 hodls 😆. you are unique, though. 
 liking these ty! getting a lot of kids camp things that I don't want. would be cool to have keywords to exclude as well. cheers 
 Are there tools to check to see if i’m being algorithmically priced on things?

Specifically am... 
 Honey extension can give you price history on amazon items 
 British Hodl doesn’t give me good vibes at all. Something is not right 
 scammer past 
 he's got a rambling substack in his unique style 
 nothing a 60,000 word essay can’t fix 
 lmao 🤣  
 You don't have to talk to someone if it doesn't serve your path. She can't put requirement on you that you must listen. 
 Tennis < Pickleball < Padel < Racquetball < Squash 
 What'd tennis ever do to you? 
 1. Buy a replacement filter for old air purifier. Expensive. 
2. Buy a new purifier for the same ... 
 Adventures in fiat 
 100k sat bounty

This is very important if you plan on having children and if you or your partner... 
 I don't think it's worth the time to figure this out. The damn mrna vax got in the majority of people, is in our blood donations, it is everywhere. Better to learn how to deal with the effects such as fast for 24+ hours once per month, take vitamin D, etc. I'm making those up, but that would be my focus.  
 Hiring young people for entry level jobs requires us to educate them on how to read and count. I ... 
 i would think engineering grads would be some of the highest functioning so that is scary 
 I'm ill in bed and eating comfort food (porridge 🤩), but an AI app just told me that I look li... 
 lmao same results but I had to round up to a 7 😂 
 I can see the federal gov going to zero and the states becoming their own countries 
 yes. bring back the articles of confederacy whete the fed govt is cucked. 
 The Nostr trending algo works backward to Twitter.

It nudges you to talk only about Nostr and Bi... 
 maybe you just shouldn't care about likes. that dowry comment got a ton of interesting discussion. 
 this is a strong point. the only way to naybe win is if censorship gets crazy elsewhere. but in that case people will start getting mad in person and not care about shit posting to nostr. 
 this was the wildest thing I've listened to in awhile. cheers for getting him to talk. 
 I am convinced that home economics under a hard money system should work differently than under f... 
 we are not opposed  
 The reason they tax you even though they can print money is simple: 

Behaviour modification.  
 don't stray into being a moorish national 'round here 
 Real sovereign power is doing good or evil without having to hide 
 They are a mob with power. If they do a bad enough job then a new mob with power will rise to meet them and protect people in a different way. 

I can imagine an online anonymous group that knows its own members and defends them if the other mob (govt) tries to fk with them. I.e. imagine if all the law enforcement agents and secretaries of state and prosecutors were fking with lawfare against a member (like vs Trump) and the anon mob hacked their home systems, computers, cars, bank accounts, doors, etc to grind their lives to a halt. And their offices and depts as well. Maybe even the commerce of their city. And demanded the fkery stop. What would happen next? Obviously the online mob better only pick a fight they can win and stay anon against or they are done for.