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 some of you don't say GM on the regular and it shows  
 Guilty. Let me make up for it now: GM, Gigi. 
 I have been getting bombarded with MMT by multiple social media platforms.

Do people who espouse that idea think money is a resource, that money is capital?

Money is access to resources and capital. It isn't resources and capital.

So when people say that debt isn't a problem, that's it's merely the accounting side of money being spent into the economy, they act as adding money to the economy is a good thing.

I disagree. When the economy produces resources and capital, that's good, but, when additional money is arbitrarily created into the economy, it doesn't magically create more resources and capital. Instead that new money chases existing resources and capital. Driving up their price. This is inflation.

The MMT response seems to be that they can control inflation by removing money via taxation.

But in doing so, they're replacing the daily purchasing decisions of 100s of millions people with a few politicians making government spending decisions on their pet projects.

Politicians, of course, are big fans of that. Maybe that's why it's turning up in all my social media platforms.
 There are many users who are not used to posting, they like to read. They may not post for severa... 
 I've been discovered  
 @TheGuySwann are there instructions somewhere on how to join the audionauts on keet? 
 Nothing reminds me more of how much I hate the government than tax filing season. 
 Imagine saying this:

Grow up. Theft is just what adults have to deal with.

Does that seem ok to you? 
 I work for a heavily regulated company that is focused on regulatory compliance. What that means is a focus on trying to prevent issues from getting into production code.

To me this is an impossible standard. This standard requires human omniscience. So we spend a ridiculous amount of time looking for possible problems instead of solving known problems.

I'd rather the focus was reversed: focus on fixing known problems rather than trying to prevent possible problems. 

But regulators have a different incentive. And they're the reason we do what we do.

I need a new job. 
 I'm a 1A maximalist. The current testimony and questioning in SCOTUS is pretty terrible.

 email >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> slack 
 Same. We used to use Skype for Business and I thought, man it can't get worse.

Teams: Hold my beer. 
 No! Keep selling. I like the sale prices! 
 Ask questions. First one that comes to mind: how can storage of decentralized social media scale? 
 I haven't figured out how to internalize Bitcoin value yet. I have to keep translating into USD to that I can comprehend how much something costs..

Is the trick to just always get paid entirely in Bitcoin so that my brain starts to relate my work into Bitcoin rather than USD? 
 I've set aside an amount I'm comfortable with for Zaps. Just so that I can start experimenting with it. And that's mostly where this question comes from. If I want to zap someone, is 3000 sats more or less than I valued what was said?  I still have to translate that into about $2 - which is way more than I wanted to send. 
 Of course! 
 IFR from VUJ to LUA. Just entering the Shenandoah Valley

 #AvGeek #Aviation  
 Seems to me that there's an inverse relationship between having a busy life of responsibility and being trans.

I.e. the more responsibility you have the less time you have for ponder your identity. 
 I work for a bank. They find my purchase of Bitcoin. And they just published a comment saying "Bitcoin is not backed by any underlying asset" and contrasted that with how wonderful CDBCs are lamenting the lack of them in the US. Of course all because traditional payment methods are environmentally expensive.

I work for idiots. 
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 I aspire to only sometimes.  
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 I didn't know this happened until just now. I've been excitedly following your pilot journey because it felt familiar to me.

But after reading this, I see it was very different. As someone who loves flying and being a pilot, this seems like the right decision. I suspect if you'd continued and passed your checkride, you wouldn't fly enough to be safe to exercise it. And that just makes you less likely to become a story on aviation-safety.net.

I have wanted to be able to fly an airplane since the first time I saw one as a very young child. And doing so means that there's always a risk of my story making that site. To me, it's worth the risk. I'm glad you were able to make that assessment for yourself. I usually congratulate people who have passed their checkride. But I think you deserve some as well: congratulations!