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 Bitcoin is an invention that ripped a hole in time and created a new dimensional space. 

To put ... 
 Hot stuff here 🥵 
 Knowing about and being deeply convicted in bitcoin in 2015 was like having a magic wand that cou... 
 This is how I feel today 
 Lies told on Nostr 
 oof, Griid is getting murdered today. down 30% today. 
 Can someone please contact the bitcoin CEO?  
 kendrick lamar 
 Drake >  
 Is this the party you guys had last year in Nashville?  
 Meet Munk, bitcoiner selling some great BBQ at the Austin nostr:npub16c0nh3dnadzqpm76uctf5hqhe2ln... 
 Got someone to download Primal and they got denied a wallet.  We tried several times 🤷‍♂️ What are the guidelines for getting approved for a wallet?  
 @Coinkite @NVK 🫂🫱🏼‍🫲🏻🫶🏼 
 Eid Mubarak 🌙  
 I pay $45 for the hair cut. How much is yours ? 
 no cap 
 dead ass 
 2 things I'll never forget. Spending .40 btc on an iPod in 2016, and selling 80% of my shares of MSTR in Feb 24' @ $578 a share 🫠  
 GM, I can't believe they blue checked your ass 😂  
 I made my dog a millionaire, WTFYM? 
 There shoud be a half-zapathon during #halving.

Btw, what day and time will 840,000 be mined? 
 that’s two thus far shooter 
 Good evening. 

I’ve been getting a lot of questions re: The Fed and QT. 

Going to make this a... 
 hi sharks

im asking for a small investment of all of your money 

i have a gun 
 Spring clean your miners 
 Never too late to reinvent yourself, believe that. 
 Why is Cathedra Bitcoin halted? 🫠  
 I am officially a share holder of @GRIID 🤝  $GRDI GL this cycle 🫡  
 Yeah, I think I messed up a bit 🫠 https://m.primal.net/HfvB.png 
 Lot's of life planning during days like these 
 Is someone doing a eCash giveaway for some test runs? 
 Now on the App Store 🙌

 Just sent you 69 ecash 🫱🏼‍🫲🏻 
 Your financial future becomes brighter as your bitcoin stack gets larger. 
 Can you zap me? Trying the new Minbits asynch queue for zap process. Multiple smaller zaps prefer... 
 Zapped that ass 
 Primal iOS users, we need your input! 🫡 

Assuming you’ve already upgraded to the latest 1.2... 
 My custom zaps reset when I updated 
 Already there. Go to settings -> appearance 
 Me this weekend while my wife is out of town…
 Almost to my stacking goal for this epoch 🥺, bittersweet… 
 What do you think is a significant amount of #bitcoin to own ? 
 2k ppl using unleashed.chat now, I think there is a market for real-open-ai

And we haven't even ... 
 my go to 
 I was still using Primal's TestFlight app 🥴 App store version is 🤯 
 I have an old friend from school who I’ve known for 20 years.

Now mid 30’s. Unmarried, unsuc... 
 Snort (and Iris) are still my favorite nostr clients.  
 Primal > 
 But the tea is good 
 Snow days are shit 
 Besides Kurdistan (the north), Iraq is controlled by Iran and its militias. Too much USD is going east, the US is curbing it by making them go digital. Also, the Iraqi government controls the dinar exchange rate, not the market 🤯  old boomers and vets still fall for the dinar scam bc of this. It’s a shit show. Free Kurdistan tho 🫡 
 What truth is that? 
 That Cory isn't truthful... 
 Unfortunately the bull market will give him some cover, but in the end, the truth will show it self. 
 Proud to say I've never used Swan. I saw through Cory right away.  
 I’m really going to miss the bear market and buying bitcoin in the trenches. Thankful I hit some targets, so let me enjoy this run up 🫡 
 I guess I have a high bar for posts I consider insightful or entertaining. 
 It’s about spreading love (sats) 🫶🏼🫂 
 My 2023 nostr stats!

I sent:

700 posts
630 replies
42 zaps
32 reports

I received:

 Only 42 zaps? ❤️‍🩹 
 I hit my EOY goal yesterday…stack harder 
 don't play me, play the lottery  
 don’t check me, check your credit score 
 Primal is shitting on other clients 
Event not found
 Time to recharge ⚡️