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 Pushed a new nos2x update, with marvelous changes:
NIP49 support
A button that sends you to the o... 
 Thank you! 
 The sent zap is not displayed in the note details, is there any explanation? The transaction was successfully sent from the wallet...

 Fam, many of you are not paying attention. 

Please consolidate your UTXOs and open lightning cha... 
 I moved to Codeberg Pages.

 Is there something better than uptime Kuma for monitoring uptime on servers? I had a panic attack... 
 Check out PairDrop for self-hosting, it's a fork of Snapdrop with some improvements and new features.

 Running on my local server noStrudel.

Well done @hzrd149 ! 
 Any NAS recommendations?  
 Build your own with OpenMediaVault (OMV). 
 Any idea about it? 
 Don't forget to backup your events, people. 

Not your server, not your events.  
 I'm running a private relay to backup. 
 Start self-hosting on your home server to have full control of your data. 
 New guide is out!

 The Bitcoin white paper PDF - Block 230009 
 nostrudel is quickly becoming my favorite nostr client 
 Let's try! 
 To whom it may concern, the ZEUS PGP key expired today, but we've extended it by two years. The u... 
 Done! Thank you. 
 What is #Zapathon? 
 Thank you! 
 Snort v0.1.21 was just tagged.

Bunch of new features check it out! Also i think i forgot to post... 
 I will try it on my local server.

Thank you! 
 Some buttons don't display text and I can't select the zap type.

 Running and testing the Snort client on my local server. 🚀 
 How to run a private Nostr relay.

All the details in my profile link!

#nostr #relay 
 Hello Nostr!

Event not found
 Great tool!