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 Hey guys! 
What's your favorite video content to show to a newcomer who is interested in understanding why #Bitcoin matters and how it works. 
Something not too technical, maybe more inspirational. 
 What I see when I rotate it to the left : 🖕🤘 
 The government is not your enemy, but it's also not your friend.

It's a frenemy. Act accordingly. 
 So refreshing 💜 
 Robosats apk for Android !! 👀🔥


#Bitcoin #kycfree #robosats 
 As I have said for a long time, money is superordinate to laws. In other words, when money is bro... 
 Round 1. Fight! ✊ 
 Bisq is non-kyc btc market. Pretty stable. Used for years. If you want non-kyc sats, give it a sh... 
 You can go with Robosats. Any platform, any device. Just needs you to download Tor. 
 < 300 sat/vB 👀 
 Consolidation time coming soon 🤣😭 
 Need the book. Care to lend it after reading? 😉 
 None said it would be easy, or fast..

 Could be though 🤔😉 
And if some of you think you’ve got stalkers, then think again!
This is next level, and I... 
 Can you tldr me? 😅 
 Going to bed, sad .

Heard on the news that my #Bitcoin Steph will be half what it is when I wake up tomorrow. 🤷🤣

Have a great night friends, enjoy this unique time! 🍾 
 Hap bit halv every ; 
 Of course! 🤣
We had two babes planned for the event but had to halv that 🤪

You partying queen? 
 Kinda dumb question right? 🤣
What are your plans then? ☺️ 

We had a LOT of celebratory wine here tonight. 😁 Had to celebrate really, I won't be here for block 840000 😓 
 Those dips though... I think I might be out of chairs very soon! 😅 https://image.nostr.build/6d50f41fbeb86efa203b4a361ba796e60052b8aaac581ea622eb948484a2ea3c.jpg 
 🎉🎂 Fucking 40 ! 🎂🎉

Love you all. Drunk. Viva Bitcoin. Party. Long live Nostr. Cheers! 🍾🥂

🎉🎂 Fucking 40 ! 🎂🎉 
 Thanks my dear! Will try to stay fabulous for the next decade then! 😁💜 
 Thank you! 🎉💜 
 Thanks!! 🤙💜 
 Thanks SKI! 👍💜 
 Thank you Jonathan! 🍾💜 
 Welcome to hellthead!
Please fasten your seatbelts, sit back and relax on this ride.
Ride or die ... 
 Don’t worry team, I own a cast iron in every size. 

Cast iron pans have limits. 

 Seems weird. Can't be relo 😆😆 
 #Bitcoin UTXO management never gets old.
Scary and exciting each and every time! 😵‍💫😆 
 Haha! I'l need a little more booze if you want me to turn into a college girl 😂😂 
 I love Radiohead 🥹 
I remember that weird #Nostr night 😂 
 Someone needs to buy the top in order to allow it to go higher.
I'm proud to report that I did my part!  😁✊🤙

 Always thought that way. Always felt that way 
And yet with everything happening all the time in one's life, it's so easy to forget it, set it aside.
Thanks for the reminder! 🤙💜 
 I don't know about you guys but no topic seems interesting compared to #Bitcoin. Not even close.

90% of my researching/studying/reading time is about #Bitcoin.

The rest just seems trivial... 
 ☝️☝️You guys nailed it. The frame in which I think changed so much and it's constantly evolving. The more it evolves, the more everything comes back to Bitcoin on some shape of form.  

I learned so much about so many things and yet it always feels as if I'm beginning my journey. Crazy! 
 Well you know what? The more I learn about Bitcoin, finance, economics and everything related to it be it history, geopolitics, game theory etc. the more I feel comfortable talking about it. And more often I can see that I reach people when asked to talk about it.

I guess the more literate we are about these subjects the more convincing and reassuring it is for those who are at least at little curious.

But yeah, I don't have any real bitcoiner irl either and I'm so eager to go to a convention one of these days! 🤞🤞 
 SBF sentencing :

"Judge Kaplan: When not lying, he was evasive, hair splitting, trying to get the prosecutors to rephrase questions for him. I've been doing this job for close for 30 years. I've never seen a performance like that."

 You'll owe nothing and be happy

 currently acquiring mas 🌽, scrolling nostr, and snuggling my toddler while he naps 

this trif... 
 Kudos to you frog 🤙 
 my amethyst is crashing when I tag people, but I want to thank #calle and #cashu and #npubcash fo... 
 Price of stuff doesn't go up. Value of money goes down. Few understand this.  
 Once you understand it, there's no going back though ✊ 
 GM #Nostr! ☕🌈

I can't believe the halving is less than a month away! 
#Bitcoin is such a crazy adventure, time flies so fast in this universe!  😱

Have a great Sunday all! ☀️🤙 
 GM Dan! 🤙 
 Hey @isolabell.art 🎨! GM to you! 🤙☀️ 
 Hey there! I'm Francis, I created a lightning game called Chain Duel 🐍
I love Bitcoin and Nost... 
 Consider me curious 🧐😉 
 GM #Nostr! 🌈☕

Coffee came with a dip this morning. Very tasty! I'm gonna buy some more! 😁

Have a great day all! ☀️🤙 
 So did I! 🤙
So will I if it keeps doing what it's doing! 😅 
 I'm bullish because you can not undiscover #Bitcoin.
And as with all the greatest discoveries in history, things will simply never be the same from now on. 
 every comment within 24 hours
gets 2121 sats 
NO double comments allowed
feel free to share 
 Oh wow I missed thunder Tuvok! ✊⚡
Reminds me of some great zapathons! 😉🤙 
 Democrats senators writing a letter to SEC to urge them not to greenlight any other crypto ETF.

I don't care about other shitcoins ETF.

But the content of the letter is pure dope. They are so fucking afraid of what's happening with #Bitcoin.
They don't even seem to try and hide it.

They are just old men screaming at clouds but it will fucking rain on their faces anyway! ✊ https://image.nostr.build/1e559ac54f20a72712e1700853d1375bb87266cd08eb6519d91c283a76380d7c.jpg https://image.nostr.build/3282f396629b9f29282b0ce29905966a8d8fa1f28043d8f468f892b51ba63a1a.jpg 
 November 22 2022
#Bitcoin $15750

My best buy of last bear

I miss it 🥹 
 I'll frame it and show it to my great grandchildren. 😁🤙 https://image.nostr.build/b9f137e712b93761513884fb3cde82d5a3bbf1b44bcaa5e16e7b00476bc00338.jpg
 It's really interesting when you add the average wage at the very same time.

One has to wonder, have wages gone up by the same multiplier as the cost of living?

Of course we all know the answer here... https://image.nostr.build/51fb623666fb071df33abc6a17aa55dd0058025113522780430e71e303a3f09e.jpg https://image.nostr.build/e836ffb0fdaf428a5f4247320e218a944913aa48c601f3cd3e7bf87c9335ccc6.jpg 
 As part of my #Nostraversary celebration I really wanted to throw a good old fashioned #zaparty ! ⚡🔫
I shall throw it all day long!

So hit me with a message, whatever you feel
like, about me, about you, about llamas, about whatever really. 😁
Just a little heart in it. I just want you share with you guys. 🫂🤙

And I shall #zap your ass off!! ⚡😂⚡

And please share the note on #plebchain, boost it, everyone is welcomed, the friend I know and the ones I don't know yet! 🫂💜🕺

Let's gooo #Nostr!!!

 Sorry no, I'm on Android 🤷