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 Title: Pub Rats

Prompt: Anthropomorphic rats sitting inside a dive bar drinking beer under glowing orange light.

https://i.nostr.build/roKgj.png nostr:note1rx3s3q67v6rngjhyudqecrat7xd88c268vyf22u80plvekaye5zq8y27rw 
 Say it with your chest or don’t say it at all.

 Muted and unfollowed. 
 $850 million of leveraged derivatives trading positions wiped out.

Lesson: leverage is for dumb ... 
 They never learn, though. 
 Coinbase smart wallet ? Game changer or nah ? 

Smart wallets that's onboard users thru coinbase ... 
 What the fuck is Base. 
 There’s an older couple on my train with a stack of scratch-off tickets. Nobody is stacking sats. 
 I walked into my coffee shop to avoid a downpour while I was walking my dog and went up to say hi to my guy behind the counter. Some lady with her headphones on started yelling at me that she was next, as if I had cut her place in line. There was nobody else in line. I said, “You don’t have to be so aggressive about it.” She seemed shocked at my response, as if for a nanosecond she had a realization that someone had called her out on her silly sense of entitlement.

Anyway, pura vida #coffeechain. 🌧️☕️
 Overheard nostr:npub1ymt2j3n8tesrlr0yhaheem6yyqmmwrr7actslurw6annls6vnrcslapxnz say “That homel... 
 It’s the best OpSec. Wear a baseball cap. Drove an old truck. 
 Nostr @LynAlden was on a few months ago. If you’re dismissing a show because of its title or the fact that it’s going after a new audience that hasn’t studied bitcoin yet, you’re missing a big part of the story.

 That’s because it’s not a simple answer, as there is no single ideology, and there’s a lot of argument about what to stand for, and not just what to stand against. I think that’s just the nature of a term that tries to encompass a wide swath of people who come from so many different backgrounds. If you listen to the show you’ll often hear guests talk about trying to define or redefine the word. 
 Here’s one for #AskNostr that’s been on my mind lately.

I think of myself as a good 1-on-1 communicator, and I am very comfortable in that setting. I am pretty knowledgeable about stuff, and I like to ask questions and get feedback.

One thing I’ve never felt confident at is public speaking. And I’m finding myself doing that quite a bit more these days. Put me in front of a room of 10, 20, 100 or people, and suddenly I don’t remember anything I wanted to say, and the words don’t come out the way I had them in my head.

Some people just have the ability go right up in front of a group and knock one out of the park. I’ve never felt like this was my strength. What are some techniques you’ve used to overcome this, if this question hits close to home? 
 Two people last night asked me if I use Staks or how to get it. Someone even said they thought STX was part of bitcoin. It’s not.

So either they’re doing a great job at communicating, or we’re doing an awful one.
 I don’t know how or why it still exists. I think some people are so indoctrinated by crypto marketing that they can’t imagine a world where bitcoin is the only thing worth focusing on. 
 I said this same thing, but I don’t even know that much about it and honestly I choose not to. I have never once been compelled to use it for anything. 
 Where are the Nostr core devs at?

Where are the dev-sec-ops, the sys admins, the low library and... 
 @Laeserin You want to take this one? 
 Goddamnit, you changed your name again. 😂 
 Try explaining to normies the difference between Fedi and FedNow. 
 Sounds like they’re congratulating themselves for a job well done. 
 Has the Elon Musk Brazil drama ended? Apparently he didn't unban any Brazil account. 
 Did we expect any other outcome? 
 GM ☀️ PV 🤙

Congratulations on being a psychopath for two whole years.
 Save your transaction ID so you can cry in a few years. 
 I have a bone to grind with you, Nostr. I’ve been slaving away trying to build a completely new... 
 This is even funnier on a second read because in English the phrases are:

“an axe to grind”
“a bone to pick”

You said “a bone to grind”, which is by far my favorite version. 
 I’m not the sharpest knife in the tree. 
 Welcome to #Nostr, @JraissatiJorge! 🤙 
 OJ Simpson is dead.

And I was immediately reminded of the time when we had to explain who that was. nostr:note1euuf9mth8pdswwz0hw0q6t3wst4wa95zj49t3angeqv805uvvg0szxnrmn 
 Not a chance.

But now maybe he’ll find the “real killers.” 
 #asknostr nostr:note19ty4a66kcml6an2uaj30lkjhysuhzpg4p8c8g2ddh392ck8ul4gsl2dj9x 
 Lightning on Cash App isn’t supported in New York, which is atrocious. And there is no Lightning address for any users.

You can still withdraw on Lightning by sending on-chain to Boltz.exchange but there’s no way to receive zaps. 
 I orange pilled my nephew. We discuss Bitcoin and stacking sats now. I also send his a few sats t... 
 @jack Cash App really needs to add this feature. 
 Cash App should support Nostr and run a Cashu mint. Cashu App. 
 @Mutiny Wallet and @eNuts ⚡️🌰 let you pay directly to someone via their npub. You don’t need NWC for that. 
 Lucky me! 😣 
 Invoices only. 
 I have never been able to use it where I live because it’s KYC-restricted and they lock all New York residents out of the feature. 
 I don’t subscribe to many newsletters, but there’s one I wouldn’t do without:

HRF’s Financial Freedom Report, published by @ayelen. 

(And yes, it’s free.)

 Good morning to every Dan. ☀️ 
 There can be only one. 
 We’re really blowing the opportunity to put one of these up in Times Square. 
 gn this was my 482nd day in a row logging in to nostr nostr:note13z9eqfcunr23ca5aaqm29ptvgplfqt9xxvcmvrg9qnssd606k07q6ur8dp 
 NFT degens ooze with financial privilege. 
 To support the human rights and policy work of @lyuda_kozlovska in Europe, you can donate to the Open Dialogue Foundation on @geyser here.

https://geyser.fund/project/defendpow nostr:note1znaq8343q38mkf74l4uw2sey4q3d78qkup4k0qss7h8uve7sdnssasqj08 
 Tomorrow at @PUBKEY we will be welcoming #bitcoin activist @lyuda_kozlovska to speak about her incredible personal story and amazing work helping dissidents in Europe. She’ll be joined by my friend, journalist @FrankCorva to host the conversation. 

Get to know her and support her mission! ✊🧡

https://youtu.be/jpp91KcTbE4?si=SxYDuZlJsep1vbmZ nostr:note1wquj47y397wvpj8na6p2wnm3z8p0xrgz2zwn5zhr0yy7x6v0whsqnh4390 
 Nobody invite Dan Held to this party. 
 But you are TheDan ♡ nostr:note1mqvv6qm9xvsq3kzhkp4vm0zydqfzpng5rz5pk39g9e2l7dkv4w6s9t57vl 
 It may be only way I can distinguish myself in a sea of Dans. 
 You gonna hate me so much!
Dan's Hell Thread... (Nooooooo we're not a cult! )

 Dan it! 
 What’s for lunch today?

Dan Dan Noodles, of course.

#foodstr 🌶️🥡🍜🥢
 It’s so good. 

- Wedge nostr:note1jx9uqlfnqgse7xd5m46ksqvhugfs8cg2dtelq66z0gml7hf078mq26nlum 
 Don’t ask me, I just woke up in an alternate universe, where everybody had my name. 
 Mainstream world: Bitcoiners are evil, selfish, greedy psychopaths!

Meanwhile on Nostr: Good morning, who wants free sats today just for existing?