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 Not enough clown makeup for an accurate representation. 
 Which freedom tech are you most bullish on? 
 I had the pleasure of shooting with him last summer.  Dude still has it. 
 1 Charlie (not a miss, just less points).  8 alphas.  Ended up being just over 4.5 seconds.  My draw needs work.  It's a bit slow. 
 8 blasts from shotgun in 4 seconds.  RIP to whomever tries to break into your place. 
 I like single player games 10000000% more than any online game.  
 I like multiplayer for FPSs, but MMOs are not interesting to me.  It's a shame that the last Fallout and Elder Scrolls games we got were watered down MMOs. 
 Last time US debt to GDP was this high, it was WW2 and US citizens were forbidden from owning mon... 
 AI will not be enough. 
 Meme stocks are dumb. 
 Start asking normies: why can’t you opt out of social security? 🤔 
 I've literally got this argument from someone before. 

BitBoy is a pro boxer now?! 
 Omg...take my money. 
 You can use $630 to buy 0.01 #bitcoin or 20 lottery tickets.

Probability to be a USD millionair... 
 Excuse me...what? 
 Bitcoin is monetary body armor. 
 The monetary second amendment. 
 What does that look like with a gun in there? 
 Looks very minimalist.  I like it.

And the home defense weapon (cat) made an appearance! 
 This reminds me of when I was recently out and someone was just in awe of how successful another person there was because they have an inground pool.  When did pools become such a strong measure of success?

 Mixing up "then" & "than" is worse than your & you're, or their, they're & there 
 Whose vs who's is worse.  Past and passed trips me up way more often than it should. 
 You cannot "own" #Bitcoin in the traditional sense of owning stuff.

No matter what governments, ... 
 Given enough derivations all 12 words would get all possible addresses, no?  So in a sense everybody owns all the bitcoin. 
 NFL Draft QB Yolo’ing is hilarious 
 Don't get me wrong I don't dislike Joe Rogan but can you imagine you are his child and you get hu... 
 I have a new favorite Joe Rogan quote that I just recently heard: "Confucius was a bad motherfucker." 
 Am I in the hall of fame of dumb injuries?  Just dislocated my thumb taking my gym shorts off. 
 I can guarantee there are most layer 2 bitcoin transactions than layer 1 BCash transactions that occur daily. 
 I guess I don't understand your argument then... 
 You're going to become a news story.  😂 
 At least all that murder is good for the economy! nostr:note1a59paye0cucqkgrdrvcan98q2rarul6n6v59... 
 Don't forget all the good will it builds between different religious and ethnic groups!

 When I was 12 I planned for a solid week how I could douse myself in gasoline, light myself on fi... 
 Just got a spam call and it was an Ai. Took a second to catch it, but it had the characteristic a... 
 Who answers phone calls anymore? 
 I want his full 7 round NFL mock draft. 
 How old is he?  That is legitimately impressive for his age.  Very well spoken kid and he'll only get more refined with age. 
 Do you know anyone who has studied #Bitcoin  in depth and then said it's a scam and has no value... 
 Still all the same issues as gold, just a different color. 
 William Shatner is 93 but looks and acts like 73. Always impressed when I see him in interviews. ... 
 Bezos is living the frat boy life in reverse. 
 A billion dollars isn’t cool anymore, you know what’s cool? 

12 words. 
 This note is 12 words.  Somewhat tempted to see if there is a wallet out there... 
 Pickleball kicks ass. 
 Tennis is for yuppie elites.  Pickleball is a game of the people. 
 Bitcoin flashing the infamous Total Recall Boobs pattern.  Very bullish.

 Told you.

 I’m somewhat skeptical that there’s some technological solution around the corner, where the ... 
 How is cash any different? 
 Peter Schiff: “Don’t compare Bitcoin to gold. Bitcoin has outperformed everything.”

Yes. E... 
 I saw him say this when he was "debating" Natalie Brunell.  What a self own. 
 The subsequent blocks had way above average fees as well.  So you're risky not having a chance at those just for an unlikely chance to get 840,000. 
 One of my cats is waiting for me.  The other is usually hiding somewhere. 
 The clerk at the gas station I stopped at today was open carrying a single stack ruger, either an... 
 Some people just like to open carry as political statement I think.  Personally, not a fan of it.