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 Asking for a friend:
Good way to buy BTC in the UAE?
Trusted channel to buy a Coldcard ? ( he says there’s no shipping option to the UAE on coinkite’s website) 
 Correction coinkite ships to UAE as long as payment is in BTC 
 He is risen!

I proclaim this, especially to those that think it cringe. Atheist and elitist Chri... 
 Happy Easter! 
 Thanks. I’ve been using a keet.io group chat between my devices . 
 On startup it tries to connect to blockstream.info on port 700 🤔, why is that ? 
 Ok it’s attempting to connect to an electrs server I can change that to mine — 
 Awesome — Is this available in Canada? 
 European court of Human Rights upholds the right to end-to-end encrypted comms 😃


In paragraph 80: “the requirement to decrypt encrypted communications, as applied to end-to-end encrypted communications, cannot be regarded as necessary in a democratic society” 
 Hmm here is a better link

 I’m Subscriber #3
#DamusPurple 🟣
Drop your numbers 👇 
 Spam filters keep out things that 99.9% of people don’t want. Obvious attacks. Those attacks te... 
 Hashers, that is, people running “miner” appliances who choose to point them to pools that don’t use spam filters are contributing to letting through spam that 99.9 % of people don’t want and that could easily be throttled down if more of us pointed the said ASICs to pools that do apply spam filters.

At the moment the only pool I know of that applies spam filters is @OCEAN so I pointed to it.

The more people do the more there will be pressure on other pools to use spam filters and thereby help to limit ( if not eliminate) spam.

I don’t understand why the theoretical point keeps being made that it is not possible to eliminate all spam. The same could be said about email spam and yet no one argues that filtering out email spam is pointless. 
 There are only two browser engines that were completely based.

First was Gecko, and then the sec... 
 WebKit started as a fork of KHTML and KJS in 2003. (My recollection is that many at the time were surprised as they were expecting apple to use Gecko).

In 2013 Google forked WebCore,a component of WebKit to use it in Chrome under the name Blink.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebKit 
 Mining on @OCEAN .

I feel cleaner. 
 Happy Christmas !! 
 This is wonderful Jeff. Merry Christmas to your family ( and to your very many friends )