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 This is the episode of Jesse Ventura's show that was disappeared shortly after it came out.  Memory holed and even deleted off of peoples DVRs by cable providers.

Given what is going on with FISA right now, you may want to watch it.  From 2009

 Expert Council Q&A for 4-18-24 – Epi-3482

Today on The Survival Podcast the expert council answers your questions on the FISA bill, fasting, leg conditioning, solar power, first aid, weeds, fodder, cooking and more.

 After using this for about a month it has gone from a "nice to have" item for gardeners to one you absolutely should have.  

Back saving, very comfortable, works beautifully and super affordable.  Save an additional 5% with my code as well.

 Bitcoin mining pools should issue rewards in ecash so that participants can mine without an accou... 
 I don't think CashU is where it needs to be for this YET, but I think it will be relatively soon.  

 The Pill Bugs Found the Body they Didn't Commit the Crime


If there is a beneficial garden critter that gets more hate from those who blame it for things it never did then the pill bug, I don't know what it is.  Pill bugs feed on dead and dying matter about the only exception is if they are literally starved and mostly then they just leave.

#grownostr #permies #permaculture #garden #soil 
 Baby Otter - But mom I am not ready.

Mom - Swim bitch. 

How mamma otters teach babies to swim.  😂 


 Ain't no party like a halving party. 
 Improving the GenZ Work Ethic - Epi-3481

Sam Soddard is a long time TSP listener & member of Generation Z, he's worked as a mechanic for 5-years, he joins us today to discuss improving work ethics in our youth.

 Well well
 Sees post, gets excited, checks price, about 60,700, mumbles curse words, again, realizes that every time people make claims about "crashing" it will be a lie, will repeat this dance anyway tomorrow. 

 Vevor Garden Bench – Item of the Day

After using this for about a month it has gone from a "nice to have" item for gardeners to one you absolutely should have.  Back saving, very comfortable, works beautifully and super affordable.  Save an additional 5% with my code as well.


Join me at 12:00 CDT – Full details at http://tspclive.com 

Today we are joined by a young man and hard working mechanic named Sam Soddard to discuss how we can begin to improve the work ethic in the young generation.  

Sam has been listening to TSP for a long time, he started long before his 18th birthday.  He has seen the first hand the lack of work ethics in his contemporaries.  

Sam joins us today with his perspective on how that can be changed. 
 "Mass and energy are different manifestations of the same thing". 

This is something people say now and are called "woo woo" by the ignorant who think they are scientific.


 "Mass and energy are different manifestations of the same thing". 

This is something people say now and are called "woo woo" by the ignorant who think they are scientific.


 Anything that isn't permissionless is censorable.   
 Um no that is not how that works.  
 Love this shirt!  The best way to get someone interested in a thing as say, "you wouldn't be interested" or "I don't think this is for you", etc.

In sales we always told our folks we trained, "the most powerful word in sales and marketing is no".   

Marine Crops recruiters are masters of this.  They have to be, because you have to be self hating to chose that branch. 

 Me waking up this AM to check Nostr before a full cup of coffee.

Actually these are baby leaf cutter bees after metamorphosis.  


#permaculture 🌱  #bees 🐝  #grownostr 🌴  
 The power of the mind is amazing.  

 Neither it’s a well known and respected and repeatable experiment. 
 This is one of the best consumer level incubators on the market an it is on sale at a stupid cheap price.

With the current price of chickens and ducklings this can easily pay for itself in a couple batches of hatching.  


#productreviews #grownostr #chickens 🐓 #ducks  🦆  #geese. 🪿   #quail #permaculture  🌱  
 Bitcoin Is Eating Everything – Epi-3480

This will be a good one and much different that many Bitcoin podcasts.  Most of those are all price predictions and other bullshit.  Those get you views and listens but I am far more concerned about understanding the amazing future taking place right in front of us.

 When you start cover cropping and mulching and avoid synthetic chemical and toxic inputs life will explode in your soil, and life begets life.

 Cover cropping is mostly for when a bed is not in production, as in though the winter for many.  N fixing is a thing, but it is one of many benefits to it.  

As to mulch straw is fine if CLEAN.  I use wood chips because they are huge on fungal activity and a few 12 packs of beer given to road crews yields YARDS and YARDS for free chips.  

What you are asking is really too complex to answer fully in a note.   So I hope what I gave you helps.  
  I know posting a X link on Nostr is not popular but man this is one of THE BEST threads on BTC, LN and shitcoin bullshit I have ever read.  So, I don't want to cut and paste it here, that seems unfair to the author.  

 He might, IDK seems pretty switched on to tech.   
 I must be getting old, this freaked me out, made me look at the date in the top corner of my mac.  😂 I guess that is good, if I was really getting old I'd just assumed, well fuck, it's Tuesday. 

 URGENT: If you are in the US we have just days to convince the Senate NOT to pass a “terrifying... 
 He literally just told you.  
 Is it though?  Is it because the wild populations are restored or due to green peace types who don't understand how captive breeding helps ensure species survival?  

Or is it to stop the exportation of animals in captivity?   

Because 2 of those yea, one not so much.  
 Emancipate Yourself - Epi-3478

Today we accept that the 4th turning has already occurred and look at what you can do, to not just survive but thrive in the coming decades of decline, flux and rebuilding.  



Join me today at 11:30 CDT – Full details at http://tspclive.com 

Today we accept that the 4th turning happened, quite a long time ago in fact. 

So we will focus on what you can do to not just survive but thrive in the coming decades of decline, flux and rebuilding. 

 Not sure if I can "follow" on nostr Luke other places but here's my attempt to save this video fo... 
 Um not sure I understand. 
 If you have not learned about CashU yet, you should. 

 This is a simple, accurate and very easy to use Sous Vide circulator from the same people who make the famous InstaPot and today it is on sale for the stupid cheap price of only 67 bucks and change.  

Get it while it is on sale!

 The lighting made this a little blurry but for those who have worried if they feeder will keep feed dry, even in a driving multi hour rain, the answer is yes.


#grownostr #productreview #chickens 🐓  #ducks 🦆  #geese 🪿 #permies 🌱  #homestead 🏡  
 So I have been talking about the LN network with big block BCH shitcoiners.  It turns out these people think all LN transactions require an on chain block.  


They do not seem to understand that liquidity in a channel is secured by a block but that channel can then do thousand of transactions and simply be balanced as needed.  I have one channel that has been open for almost two years now.  

Where do they get this bullshit? 
 One key pair and your tribe is everywhere.  #grownostr 
 Okay the Primal.net native wallet on iOS is fuckin awesome. 

Just been bouncing around a few bucks in sats between Primal, Alby, Strike and my personal LN Node.  

All works seamlessly.  The one thing I can't work out is using emojis to zap, doesn't seem to work.  Guess I am doing that one wrong.

But what an onboarding tool!  60 seconds, one email and 5 bucks to seed your sats and you are in the Nostr game all the way with the ability to zap and be zapped. 

I think I am going to run a really great members sale next week but you have to pay in LN to get the price.   
 You do still have to help them with the key pair, I have been explaining it as a "complex username and password" that "protects your account".  It helps normies grasp the concept.   
 adapt and overcome 
least it ain't frozen well pipes 

Vevor is very addictive , IKEA for homeste... 
 Love working with Vevor but as to cordless tools I am sticking with Dewalt.  I don't need/want another battery platform.  
 So I just tried the native wallet for Primal on iOS, it was simple and I bought 5 bucks worth of sats like paying for an app, very cool.  I also sent myself a buck worth of sats out of strike, also very cool.  

BUT where in the world do I find that Primal wallet in the browser version or is it ONLY for mobile?

I want to understand this one before talking about it on air. 

Also any of you Droid users does primal work on Droid and does it have a native wallet or is that an iOS only thing for now? 
 Well that splains why it worked so beautifully sending from Strike.  
 I just zapped you, kinda cool that the mobile knows your default zap amounts.   
 may be 
 Good morning. 

War is bad.
Peace is good. 
 Well my weed eater died yesterday and the wife blew the blade drive belt off the lawn tractor, so I guess I am doing garden irrigation system work today while I wait for parts.  
 Agreed and now that you are here you should also learn about #grownostr good way to meet a LOT of homesteading folks.  
 Thanks but already ordered on Amazon, will be here tonight.  
 I am a content creator. I’ve been creating on YouTube since 2015 and have one of the larger cha... 
 Well first Jess welcome to Nostr.  It isn't a huge world but it is a very cool one.  I have personally earned a living online since 2008 as a creator.  I do podcasting because it is the least censored way to put out info that is in the main stream world. 

I am constantly throttled and demonetized on YT and I just don't care.  Whether it is using BTC and something like Nostr or another way the future for influencers is DIRECT with your followers.  

My YT money is what I call "gas money" happy to have it but if I didn't my life doesn't change.  We do a membership program, sell courses and some affiliate and direct sponsor stuff.

All in we do VERY well for ourselves.  I have talked a lot about business over the years and this approach is what I always advise.  Do not allow a third party to control your primary income. 

You can make more with 10,000 truly dedicated fans then you will with 1,000,000 youtube followers who you to bow down to Google to be seen by.  
 Man you should really fill out a guest form and join us on TSPC to tell your story.  
 noone can, since everyone is getting paid by opensats, including me. ten31 is invested in primal ... 
 Let’s go 🚀 
 "bUt BiTcOiN aNd LiGHtniNG cAn'T pRoCesS aS mUcH sOOOOO iT cAAAAn'T sCaLe".

Whatever shitcoiners when there is sufficient demand LN, Liquid, etc. and other tech will adapt to demand.  LN and on chain BTC already do everything the market (the actual market not your theoretical 🐂 💩 ) calls for. 
 Gotcha. Nostr users prove daily that the Lightning network works. Yep.

I’ve been in Bitcoin si... 
 Much the same since 2013 but I stated using LN before Nostr, V4V was a big thing that got me interested.   
 What’s broken for ya? Let’s make it better. 
 Nothing is broken, that was my point.  
 It is very hard to tell a Nostr user that 

"tHe LiGHtniNG nEtWoRK dOeSn'T wOrK"

 What scale are you having a problem with.  I get THOUSANDS of transactions daily off of V4V alone.  A good dozen membership sales a month with LN.

What bullshit are you spouting, that LN can't replace Visa tomorrow?  Some theoretical shit about BTC becoming so dominant that we have to be ready to process 50% of the world's transactions tomorrow?

If the demand exists such to exceed what BTC can do at any point the market will create a mechanism for it.  Worrying about some day being too successful is the world of Roger Verr and CSW, don't fall into it.  
 Where exactly do people who say this get their bullshit, I really want to know. 

I do thousands of transactions a day and thousand of dollars in value a month.  

WTF does LN have to do for it to "work"? 
 And you know the shitcoiners that say this do NOT run a node for their shitcoin of choice.  
 No, but I do self custody my #Nostr private keys, and that’s pretty close. 
 Um no, that is like saying since I have BTC that Chase can't shut down your checking account.  
 Many consider jacks a trash fish, I do not and would eat the HELL OUT OF THAT.  
 Seemingly impossible 
 Millions of people do it every day.  
 No I black list the shit out of people unless you mean the other way around.  That takes about 30 seconds to register your domain for compliance, literally a cut and paste into a form.  
 I spend NO TIME doing this.  Recently we did have to reg the domain with Yahoo and a few others it took seconds to cut and paste the domain and hit submit.  You are using an objection that is not real.  Sorry.  
 Um the actual server stuff is 99% of the effort and a once and done thing.  
 Sure you self custody your bitcoin but do you self custody your email?   
 Is it though?  It depends, if you pay for hosting but run email as a client side protocol and use a client to pull email off the server and then delete it, it really isn't and your host can't really see shit.  
 My email is on my server, I use a client (in this case outlook) to pull all mail off that server, this happens every 60 seconds.  Once pulled the email on the server is deleted. 

 Oh and said deletion and pulling are of course automated.