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 Fun names for ecash mints, go!  
 -Jp MorNakamoto 
 I haven't asked a Friday night question in a while.... so... I'm going to ask one, then go out to... 
 Raw garlic 
 So where did all this hock tua stuff come from? Some AI song on X or tiktok?? Or was that after. I guess only having Nostr is limiting.

 You was my dog you was in my left tity scream ride or die thought you would die wit me find out y... 
 So not in your left titty anymore? 
 Three movies were made about Ned Kelly (one starring Mick Jagger, another starring Heath Ledger, ... 
 So whats up or who is ned kelly 
 Got a fb friend request by a profile with a picture of an attractive bearded mature looking man f... 
 Just confirming, You are NOT in a sauna in those pics? 
Gastro Intestinal 
 I have this beautiful memory from November of 21. I was drinking Belgium beer and playing call of... 
 Yah but muggy too with the summer heat and sweaty balls only to be at same price. Suffering but gained nothing for it.  
 You all keep bringing up Grisham's Law, but Lightning effectively ended that era, for Bitcoiners. 
 Once you begin to really get to know yourself and value authenticity, it’s terribly difficult t... 
 The first part got cut off or is missing i think. "Dont just look at it..." 
 Whats the name of this horror movie? I think I saw a clip of it once 
 I think the tiny minority into this are mutating into it being much more common or prelevant than actual reality. I had 1 friend only I can think of who loved pissing off his gfs waking them up with stinks to the face. 
 I working on a painting of a little terrarium in a bottle with a tiny human chef figure in the mi... 
 Pics or it didnt happen 
 Yesterday June 9th 2024 

The 50 year petro-dollar deal made with Saudi Arabia ended. 

Are they ... 
 Wait. What?? 

 Why am i just learning about #vexl now? It enables a network of p2p bitcoiners. Does not fiscilit... 
 This a trap? 

 I recently had a big shift in my life that has me feel like I am back from the dead. A second cha... 
 So you chose to start driving on california freeways, huh? Massive leap of faith. Good wishes and best of luck. Hope you survive.  
 Switching words in the phrase like "this is gold" to "this is bitcoin"  
 Everything she touches becomes bitcoin 
 My parents have been married for 60 years today. When I saw them last week, they were out in the ... 
 Having an increasingly difficult time relating to people who want to talk about what happened las... 
 Damn, didnt know your opinions were so strong on yesterday's episode. I wont bring it up. 
 Is this for real? 

 Just when I thought I couldnt get any lower 
 More like 21million escape pods. Use pod to escape before the ship's doom! 
 I am so slow. Hahaha 
 Wow, I've been quite selective in sharing with people about being carnivore for the last couple o... 
 Haha thats sexy 
 You cant see posts from me, can you? 
 The irony of nostr is that it lack the same addictive qualities of inferior centralized social me... 
 So what you are saying, Nostr experience should be enhanced with something?


 every crypto launched after bitcoin are just essentially hard forks of bitcoin since satoshi 🟠... 
 Any SF Nostriches feel like an impromptu meetup for a pint at The Shannon Arms on Taraval at 19th... 
 Thursday? When are we talking about? 
 More ignoreable tests 
 At this point, im really tired of the abuse. Where was Samantha when Michael stole the social security payment? 
 Someone test zap me a couple sats please. Just making sure this thing still works 
 Weird. Im still using WoS which should be well-connected. 
 Thanks. Followed. 
 Thank you 
 Someone gave me 1000 sats in ecash from a random mint I don't trust and I wanna see if it's backe... 
 How do i get this. Do i need to post some sort of ecash wallet receive address? I can dive in and download a mobile wallet if one exists 
 Guess you have me blocked or cant see my messages based on relays maybe 
 Needs more cowbell.

 Impairing utxos with legalese - good point. 

 My own theory that is probably not scientifically true as to why some farts don’t smell and oth... 
 This wall of text is useless unless if someone AI-generates a video of some formally dressed up lady or man talking seriously at you with this specific text with a subtle ambiance of classical music in tge background. Extra points if character is considered opponent to libertarian ideals. 
 Im also offended at the prospect of seeing 338 
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