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 Why do my neighbors think I drive a cyber truck? Is my taste that bad? That cyber truck is not mine hahah 
 We are so close to our circular economy.

We are so close. 
 Modern American life is lived in bubblewrap. Rip it off and live a little. 

 Do you mean 7.15? 
 nevermind nevermind dont mind me 
 What I do best! Smiling

 No, I am Cambodian mainly 
 I haven't been there since I was a baby. I spend my time in US and Canada mostly. Not sure how they feel about Bitcoin 
 Inside Out 2 was awesome!! 
 as an experiment ive been trying to finetune the tiktok algo into weirdcore, but now all i am get... 
 is their algo good?. 
 What could go wrong? 
 Inside Out 2 today! 
Yes, I am a Pixar fan. 

 Me too!! 
 Not sure if people love me for who I've become or love me for what I can now do for them. 


 It sucks 
 I am moving in the same direction 
 Thanks that helps a ton 🫂 
 Finally, Apple will support RCS with iOS18. All the other stuff is quite boring to me.  
 I ♥️ Nature 
 Starting my summer early. No need to wait on the solstice.

 Thanks, it really is 
 A pirates life for me 🏴‍☠️ 
 Me too 
 I question our trajectory 
 Loved the questions from @LynAlden to Jack at the Freedom Forum. Looking forward to tomorrow's talks as well. 

 Some people are so sure that they know what’s best for everyone else, yet equally sure that no ... 
 These people become dictators 
 Why do I have to create a ticketmaster account to buy US Open tickets? I am tired of making accounts for purchases. 
 quite annoying 
 @inyahé thanks for the sats 
 My day. We lazy but still stacking sats

 Good one!! 😁 
 Attention is one way to give of our time, our most scarce asset. Our attention is ours to give, a... 
 "Everything is going to zero against Bitcoin"
But #BerkshireHathaway leading the way wasn't on my... 
 Buy the dip #berkshirehathaway ... oh wait this isn't bitcoin. trades halted 🤣 🤣 🤣 
 Gotta covert some cash to bitcoin later 
 Fun time!!  
 The best part of getting older is caring way less what other people think of you. 
 I am as old as it gets hahaha 
 Hershey Park today! Kisses

 from my garden

 That question, do really believe wall street is buying because of currency debasement though? I'd suspect number go up. But they needed some regulations to protect themselves 
 still amazed how much clients are improving every day, just a year or two ago there were a few ba... 
 Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like had I not found #bitcoin and I can’t come ... 
 Glad you were able to find it. We need more to realize why bitcoin exists!! 
 Agreed !!!!!!!