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 Good evening,

I have decided to hold off posting "Wrenched Torque" on  @wavlake for the time being, and I will get it done this evening. Apologies for the wait. 
 An excellent study by those who know what they're talking about. I don't use ChatGPT for that reason alone. 
 Jones was forced to admit that he was faking what he said (even though the shooting was fake) to set a precedent of the eradication of the 1st Amendment. Jones was exposed in the 90's as COINTELPRO, and therefore, is a government operative.

I don't remember the name of the guy who got whack'd for saying that, but it was confirmed, which was why they murdered him. 
 Watchman Privacy interviewed SimpleX, But yet

If you hit the contact on his website, only Telegr... 
 So the Privacy Watchman, despite having some good connections, is not practicing good OPSEC, and is a scammer compromised by the CIA. Is that what I'm getting at here? 
 It's not like he would actually do it, would he? Of course he can't, for he's one of them. 
 OpenAI has tapped former U.S. Army general and National Security Agency director Paul M. Nakasone... 
 More scripted nonsense. They would do this regardless if this was scripted or not. 
 American politics is weird and broken. We have a system that, by design, is a duopoly. If a new p... 
 I have talked about who is behind this compromised occupation (that is highly unconstitutional) on Nostr before, and I'm not afraid to talk about it even now. Some of my popular posts talk about that, actually. 
 I see a Freemasonic-style apron, but that's what I observe as someone who believes in a few superstitions. Good luck, though. 
 That's why I mentioned that I believe in a couple superstitions. :P it looks awesome nonetheless.  
 Good morning,

I finally have another song to release, but this is in collaboration with Stewart Sound Design for a Vital synth preset pack called Reactive. Most of the instruments used in the song are using instruments from the Vital synth pack, with one instrument using Helm (a preset by Matt Tyttel), and another using Dexed (a DX-7 emulator).

The song is entitled "Wrenched Torque", which is a synthwave composition I had produced in a few days. Now yes, I am very new to synthwave, but I hope this does not stop you from listening. I will be posting it on YouTube and Wavlake for your listening pleasure. Note that on Wavlake, if you decide to boost via sats, there will be a 50/50 split with RAES (@`Ryan Stewart`), the sound designer behind the pack.

I finally have more music to post, since I was working on a massive project (the Touhou-style Hifuu or Fake Fangame album I'm making), and I needed a break from that (I'm 10 songs in, and still have a few more to do).

In other news, I am working on something for a YouTube channel named Chit-Chat with Kana , but she doesn't know what that is yet. I started work on it last night, and I have yet to see what happens as it progresses. Other than that, that's all I have for now. I know it's long, but so be it. 
 The Primal app is acting weird when I tried to tag  @RyanStewart inside parentheses.

Maybe someone from  @primal could look into this. 
 I forgot to add this detail too, but I'm releasing Wrenched Torque on Sunday, June 16, 2024. 3:00 pm, Pacific Daylight Time. 
 They would gladly tie Monero to terrorism. Don't fall for the script these people are following (now any of the politicians anyway). 
 I haven’t followed any details about the Trump trial, largely because I already am fully convin... 
 Either way, the trial was scripted, and the charges will be overturned, likely because that's in the hollyweird script. 
 i dont care.

which one thinks more longterm?
or is it hard to say 
 Neither side thinks long-term. Independent people think long-term 
 Voting is deliberate consent to the outcome, explicitly granting your sanction to the status quo ... 
 If one feels the desire to vote, then they should vote for independents at the very least, or cease voting altogether. As I had mentioned, it's only because it strengthens the stranglehold on the people who "vote" for these selected individuals that are pushed by both sides of the fake aisle. 
 Voting only strengthens the power of both parties bent on destroying the very people they're supposed to serve. 
 Leaked Lies at Google

Google accidentally leaked their search API on Github, giving everyone ins... 
 Hah, I knew Chromium-based browsers were compromised. Firefox-based for the win! 
 OMG, is everyone aware the Saudi just ditched the petrodollars!!! 
 We were told that they were going to do it, since the USD is worthless now. 
 Indeed, we did get roofied on the monetary side, but other people not using USD are fine. 
 I must disclose that I am composing a piece to help promote the pack (of course, primarily using the pack), so someone else can be one of the other 5 to get the pack. 
 The serpent's days are numbered. 

The church's days are not.

Do the math. 
 The mystic's days are numbered. 
 There are some mystics that are Christian too. It was allegedly made by mystics too, but I'd need to look that up. 
 I would be wary of Tucker. He's part of them (COINTELPRO, as I have spoken about before). That's what I would do, but you do you. 
 If I vote, I don't vote for either major party, which is the mass PSYCHOSIS that we've been placed under. The left-right paradigm is FAKE, SCRIPTED, WWE-STYLE shenanigans.

Also, all elections are FAKE, GAY, RIGGED, SCRIPTED and STOLEN. Do we not understand that our votes NEVER counted? I do nowadays (and I had to wait until '23 to realize that). 
 Um... that dude was WHACK'D, and he didn't do it to himself. I'd be very wary of that type of stuff. I know how to spot sacrifices done by famous people. It's all too often, and they rub it in our faces. 
 Did you know Ivermectin is from an isolated soil bacteria? nostr:note1y54fnfhvcwwgjqq2974rq7ulrae... 
 The dude who discovered this fungus (who was of Japanese descent) probably knew about the fungus, though I had no idea about it. 
 Hi I'm a developer with {insert fancy bullshit}

And our new revolutionary technology is going to... 
 That pretty much explains the garbage of Free Software projects not using Free Software alternatives to things like AWS, Discord, and the like. 
 He called out Rogan and Jones for being COINTELPRO. There was one other guy (who’s also no longer with us) that said that Jones was COONTELPRO, and that was since 2001 (he got whack’d for tellong the truth). 
damn. Rep Thomas Massie on the Tucker Carlson Podcast spilling the T for 2 hours straight on wha... 
 Massie is not bought off by a certain lobby (almost every politician in the US is. Look up that lobby that both sides take money from. It’s not big tech, not weapons. It’s religious). 
 Good afternoon.

I'm starting to believe that religion isn't a good thing for anybody, since this is a form of psychosis (in my humble opinion). That's why I don't open talk about what I personally believe when it comes to a higher power watching over us, because in reality, while there is one, he's disappointed that we've fallen for mystics. It is saddening when you think about it and research it on your own, as I have. 
 You watched Star Wars, and you sided with resistance. 

You watched the Matrix and you understood... 
 The BOOKS! (DM me to know what I mean, if curious about what books I'm talking about) 
 Wow. They doxxed nostr:npub180cvv07tjdrrgpa0j7j7tmnyl2yr6yr7l8j4s3evf6u64th6gkwsyjh6w6. Hey Busin... 
 This.... Means... War...! The war on privacy is now in full swing! 
 Now we need to see the MO of this attack. It won't come out, likely because the BOOKS. 
 Looking for independent music creators to test out DAW templates and synth presets that I have cr... 
 This was mentioned in DM's between us two, but for those that don't know, I work with Ardour, a GPL-2 licensed DAW, one of the best in Free Software (in the Free Software Foundation sense) DAW's out there. 
 I'd use a Free Software option, like what HuggingFace is doing with HuggingChat (which does require a HuggingFace account). It's completely free, no strings attatched. 
 You could do an uncensored AI chatbot (one that isn’t neutered) in LM Studio, though that is proprietary. I use it sometimes, though. 
 You're telling me the Mexicans voted a woman named Sheinbaum into office? They're not even trying... 
 They have, indeed, not voted her in. She was selected because of her ethnicity (she's a Jewess). 
 ...open source podcast app?

Bonus points if I can import my feeds.

 I use Anytime Podcast Player for the Free Software option. It's available on iOS and Android. 

 Signal is spyware too, since the CIA backdoored it (it wasn't discovered until 2019 in the Android repo). 
 That is sad that my generation (Gen Z) was supposed to be good, but what happened to us? 
 That's pretty much what I'm seeing too, personally. Then again, I am learning tech literacy, and teaching that on YouTube and Odysee, so that might be something, even if it's not a practical skill *yet*. 
 More people going to Wavlake to give a big middle finger to the absolutely disgusting filth of these proprietary services that radicalize people. Hey, I'm the first bossa nova artist I know of on Wavlake myself, so I know what it's like. 
 More like $266 Trillion USD in debt unofficially now. 
 Whatever Kim Dotcom calculated using the mathematics available, we've already defaulted on debt. This includes the unfunded liabilities too. 
 I recently learned that legislation has been drafted on Capitol Hill to classify *not re-using Bi... 
 Now which one of these "books" dirtbags forced this legislation to be written? 
 Well… I had talked about this on Nostr before, and I was vindicated. 
 If you, a white person, feel the need to disguise yourself as a black person for any goddamn reas... 
 If one is white, I believe that it's something to be proud of. That's my opinion on it (though loxists will tell you otherwise). 
 C++ chad. Sweet. 
 Seeing a lot of disgusting posts recently depraving entire ethnic or religious groups… and from... 
 I've done this too in the early days of my Nostr, but familial disagreement stopped that entirely. 
 I’ve talked about a specific set of books, knowing about the things in there that influenced our fake leaders aroind the world. 
 The world is a tragicomedy, I give up, starting tomorrow:

- I will create me a whatsapp account ... 
 Voting is fake nowadays! All elections are selections, and therefore fake, gay, rigged and stolen. 
 You can disagree with my choices, but don't let that be the reason you stay trapped.

Twitter  ->... 
 I had already posted a link the GitHub issue on this matter (it's from 2019, but Signal is still backdoored to this day). Maybe look for it in this thread? 
 She’s no longer with them, but I could see why you think they’re partnered (even though they’re not). 
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 Anti-Semetism claims coming?