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 What if this was the average (again)? https://image.nostr.build/fbcb3abae5be06bc24f8ec0583e0e329b42b64159ccfaac8efc0caae8c1eedb4.jpg  
 looks like in my dreams 
 Then we would all prosper 
 I live in my vehicle ;] 
 Complicated weekends 
 #Bitcoin for every farm  
 @franny How long until that soil is tapped out of nutrients? 
 You grow plants for mulch, like comfrey, chicory, cannas, etc. they’re called biodynamic nutrient accumulator plants 
 Never! This is a fully self-sustaining system - all inputs come from the land itself and waste products go right back into it. 🔁♾️ 
 My opinion is, that sadly this will never happen again. Unfotunately they planned that Trump will win. Then they have the green light for WW3 to sacrifice a mass of men in war. Later Trump (Satan) will bring peace and he will sit on bis Thorne. Digital World Passport will be forced for everthing. Their Satanic agenda is running so well that this will stay just a dream. Maybe in the next life. 
 Even if that is the case people will have to turn to this to live. Along with AK-47s, of course 
 I like it. But I don’t want it to be “average” (maybe “common”?). 

If it were average the rate of wealth creation would be slow. Not enough division of labor.

We flourished because most people didn’t have to grow their own food to survive and could focus on other problems… But now our health is in jeopardy because we forgot where our food came from…

Idk maybe we just need more balance so we can have an awesome future where everyone is healthy and wealthy 
 So common that it would be enough to have food sources and maybe also other resources in such smaller dimensions. A balanced net of efficient and natural exchange. Not everyone would need to spend their time growing food, but they do another important part for their people like building (technology or other physical things) or transportation, or people that are eager to learn and teach (unexplored) things, etc. 

Our food and home is the base, the things we need to thrive. If we’re able to share our food and knowledge, we could have enough time to do our special thing for society, which would then simplify the live of everyone? 🔄

The future is scary, but we need to fight for this, with our bare existence. 🧡💜💚 
 The plots were sized that way here, but then they stopped growing on the plot and get the master idea to split the plot and sell the other half to someone to build another house. Greed.
 trying to post a photo but it's not working...   
 I got you. 🌿 
 love the sentiment but i swear the people who draw these have never touched grass

it's not even scaled properly😅🫠 
 😂😂 well at least you can get some ideas :D 
 Love it 
 Every year I am getting a bit closer to my dutch suburban food garden. Growing 2 types of fruit, 6 types of veg, 6 herbs and 3 strains of weed atm. Wish I had space for the ducks your drawing suggests, that sounds so nice. https://image.nostr.build/229e78d3b4c53a075187562967c8b84a72123fedc929d2cdf8d35eccd367f3f7.jpg 
 Ich würde ein gut Landwirt sein. 
 This is truly the only material thing I want. 
 To be honest, that should be the minimum. If you think it well, you'll find out that you need more than this. Still very good, especially as minimum  
 That would be paradise but sadly

WEF says you will get this and be happy instead
 🥴🥴 people wake up this can’t be a thriving place 
 Sorry, but that was the average in the preindustrial society.
And I think it's not a good idea going back to those times.
 that home farm looks pretty industrial to me 
 True. We could build on more biodiversity and energy-efficiency. 
 What about this?

 Not really my cup of tea either.
 yes, we're not going back, but we can get inspired. I would add some kind of energy production capacity (definitely solar panels, maybe a small wind turbine).

at least a starlink and some backup internet connection. maybe sell excess electricity for sats in the parking lot, have a delivery boxes for neighbors. 

Locally gated shopstr/foodclubstr for neighbors/friends only.

Or, similar to these mini srreet library boxes common in the US, have one with a webcam streaming how much of what is left.

Suggested donation based (ecash safer than leaving cash).

When Karens or pawns show up demanding to know who is selling the eggs here -> "We don't know, officer. It just appears here every morning, it's magic. We don't even wanna know. Get fucked, and setup your own in your street. Thanks for your inquiry." 
 +1 to look for some inspiration in order to increase independence and quality of food.

+1000 to add solar energy production and home mining to increase energy and monetary independence!

 home mining from household renewables unfortunately does not work. you increase monetary sovereignty by buying Bitcoin.

if you have the miner, you have to run and cool it 24/7 and then maybe it works. solar energy is at least 3x than what profitable miners get from hydroelectric dams. and that's before you solved the problem of the night. 
 Sorry, buy I've got to disagree here.

Home mining is a perfect match of a solar generation system.
It  sucks wasted/unused energy, making the system much more profitable, all while maintaining independence of the possible grid surpluses subsidies.

And at the same time, It helps mining decentralization, something much needed in my opinion.

 the math never works out. the capital investment for miners is so high that in order to get at least return on capital, you need to run it 24/7. it never pays off to turn it off. if you do and only use surpluses, the miner will never pay for itself. 
 I have a solar system and was doing this calculation several times, also tried other people who build solar systems and understand Bitcoin mining.

if you find a way to do it without being in brutal loss, let me know. but show numbers.

with current solar systems, assuming you use everything it produces over lifetime, the cost per kWh is 6-8 cents. if you want to use batteries, the price doubles.

assuming a 3kW miner and 6 hours of peak sunshine (that's way overblown though), you need at least 12kWp of panels. that will not fit on most roofs anyway, but if you have a greenhouse or a parking lot, you can use that, along with let's say 3x3kWh batteries.

you still have not made anything for the house, just for the miner, which also costs a lot of money and if you want to see that money back, you can't not run it, the difficulty increase will kill ROI.

the professional miners get 3-4 cents per kWh and that's 24/7.

just buy Bitcoin instead of the miner and use the solar system for all your other energy needs.

p.s.: I have not talked about cooling. you need another 3kW AC unit to cool the miner. 
 What about mining for fun in the summer with an old asic (that doesn't cost much)? Of course it won't mine much. I wonder if it's better than selling the electricity to grid at low (negative?) prices.

But yeah, no AC has to be involved. 🤔 
 summer in Europe is not the best time for solar. there's more sun, but it's also too hot. best months are may and June.

in summer, you are more likely to also need ac to cool the house, so the consumption will be also much higher, so there'll be less excess.

selling to the grid is usually not a good idea. virtual battery means you don't have to pay for energy you consume later, but you have to pay distribution costs, which are around 40-60% of the price. you can also sell for money, but that involves a lot more territory compliance and income taxes. it's much better to consume what you produce. so batteries are a good idea. 
 or look at it like this - the cost of electricity is 6-8 cents per kWh when produced by a system without battery, double if you have battery. if you can use it in any other way (even storing in battery), it is a better deal. because the old miner will not produce more that much per kWh, probably less than half. 
 Mining for fun is always profitable!!
 You are thinking on it in the wrong way:

- It's not installing solar to do home mining.
- It's using home mining to consume your wasted or unused solar energy.

It's not about building a mining operation in your house. It's about making more profitable your solar installation while helping the decentralization pleb-mining.

So, for your opex calculation your energy costs are zero, as you are going to consume unused energy.
The good old S9 has a breakeven of $0.04/kWh right now, operating in efficient power range ofc.

A pair of them can chew up something between 10-15 kWh per day, that could be $0.4 or $0.5 a day.

You are not going to be financially independent with that, of course!! 😊
But in a few months your (small) miner capex are paid, and your mining rewards would be 100% profits, although small! 😁

You can scale this up with newer miners adapting to your wasted energy case, or reuse the produced heat to help warming up your house.

Btw, buying Bitcoin is not exclusive to home mining with wasted solar energy, of course!

 that means you overpaid on solar, if you have 10kWh day excess (even sometimes), you paid good 15k for energy you don't need and can't store.

so the cost is not zero, you overbuilt the solar farm.

if you have the system set correctly, you don't have much excess you can't store, certainly not 10kWh per day, even if there are some exceptional days.

also, in many countries, there's a limit of 10kWp, if you go more than that, you enter into commercial producer area - regulations, taxes, ... 
 As you said several times, batteries duplicate energy prices rn.

Imo, it's cheaper to 'overbuild' in kwp to guarantee that even not the best productive days you produces enough energy.

Solar panels are really cheap right now.

By the way, what I've said several times is that home mining is a perfect match to consume your unused solar energy.

If you don't have wasted energy, good for you, home mining it's obviously not for you.

 it duplicates the price, but still cheaper than the grid. and you have backup when the grid goes down. 

giving excess to the grid using virtual battery (tax free) and then consuming it later is still better deal than mining. for the saved amount, buy BTC.

do you actually do this BTW? 
 Regarding if solar+batteries give cheaper energy than the grid, it's vastly depends! Where and when in the world you are.
It's not always that case.
You are assuming too much things, sorry.

Regarding virtual batteries: that's why I said:
"all while maintaining independence of the possible grid surpluses subsidies."

 "Sending power to the grid and then consume it later" is sometimes tricky.
Depends on the contract - devil could be in "small letter's paragraphs".
Many times you sell power for low price (it's a sunshine, spot price is low) and buy it expensive afterwards (it's a winter).

Just small note, that the cost savings are not always as expected ones. 
 For homes, it's actually hard to get the spot price. You usually get either flat fee or two prices (day/night or alterning hours for heat pump).

So it does not matter much. If you have two prices system, you can even charge batteries from the grid and don't consume anything during the high price times.

I personally don't use virtual battery though, I have real batteries and I can use everything I make. 
 No, no. As ordinary homeowner you usually cannot get spot prices. But they could be used as financial background in case of "virtual battery".
Not always, just to be not "surprised". 
 Virtual battery is not based on prices. You give them kWh, you can get kWh back (but you pay distribution fees). 
 I am just using argument of guy from Signal group you are member probably too.
If it's in your contract, then you are fine. 
 Wish Australia had "virtual batteries"! 

Instead we just have a regulated feed-in rate, and the grid supplier retaliates by charging higher supply charges for customers who have solar.

I don't sell any of my surplus. F--- those monopolists. My BIL was selling back to the grid, until we ran the numbers and found it was actually cheaper not to.

Euroland has a lot of stupid in its regulatory systems, but less outright fraud. 
 if you don't have batteries, you are covering only small part of 24h of your consumption. still reliant on grid. 

also, panels take a lot of space, so overproduction takes space, costs money and ROI is smaller. 

panels are cheap, but you need often permission to build more and of course inverter (you can't connect infinite amount of panels to an inverter) and then you don't even mine enough to buy energy for night for that money. if you had batteries, it would be better. 😀 
 You are thinking on solutions in order to minimise a solar installation and make it more useful (through batteries) based on some existing energy consumption and needs.

I'm proposing a way to consume (already existing) wasted solar energy through home #bitcoin mining.

They are opposite views.

 This is why I mine #monero with my surplus solar.

Everything better without ASICs! 
 What makes it better? Unless you need the machine anyway for something else, the capital costs kill it too, don't they? 
 Capital cost for an older general-purpose computer are usually $0. Heck, I could pick them up from council hard rubbish collections if I was so inclined. 
 they will also mine 0.01 xmr per year. not worth even the time to set it up. 
 Per fortnight, not per year, but yes, if you're only setting up one its hardly worth the trouble you go to the first time. 
 that's actually better than I thought.

I think the problem is really with the excess. It is either rare and not enough to mine, or you have overpaid on the fv system, so your energy is actually expensive.

I can imagine two situations where it makes sense:

- you are traveling and not using the energy, nobody's at home
- you get access to spot prices and have batteries. when the energy is cheap or negative, you both mine and charge batteries (you can do this with Victron systems for example) 
 From a probabilist POV, there's no such thing as overbuilding for every scenario. 

But you're broadly correct - I don't have the ability to sell back to the grid. Financially, I'm better off wasting the power than signing the contract that would allow me to sell it. 

(Conservative governments here hate the free market more than Communists do lol)

 With bitcoin, we can go back to this plus more. Stay humble and stack sats! 
 We have a bit of that and edible gardens are a net-benefit over dead hedges and bowling-green lawns, but it's not an efficient replacement for professional agriculture. 
 Gardens like that are common here (but no pigs, just poultry, ponds, and rabbits), but only in houses where there is at least one adult working part-time or a homemaker/retiree.

So, those are people specializing in subsistence farming, not engineers working 60-hour weeks and doing this on the side. 
 One of the reasons of finding only poultry and rabbits is that keeping them is the least complicated and regulated. AFAIK the EU introduced a ban keeping pigs on a paddock. When kept outside in their 'natural habitat' pigs are terraforming animals, creating habitats for other animals such as insects and birds. 
 Not a fan of large pigs roaming around residential areas, and they tend to stink in the summer.
Used to help the neighbor and he only had 2, but yuck. And scary as fuck. 
 Exactly, this romantic view of homesteading doesn't make sense, ever. 
- 6 chickens or 150 chickens takes about the same time and infrastructure needs.  
 - I used to send LESS time farming veggies for profit then most amateurs spend in their smal vegetables plots.  
 That's why I suggest something more decorative, in my thread.

Plan for something low-maintenance that is fun to work on and can be left to go to flower, if you are busy. 
 Yup! It's why we ficus on food forest and agroforestry over here too 💪 
 And edible landscaping.
Max-chill farming. 
 What makes the most sense are perennials, like rhubarb, asparagus, berry bushes, nut and fruit trees, etc. And herb gardens, of course. 
 And grapes! 
 Yes, agriculture doesn't scale down well.
 It's too much like manufacturing.
You need to at least acheive a size where some mechanization is worth investing in, and where you can specialize.

Or just abandon the goal of self-sufficiency and focus on creating beauty and resiliency/diversity. 
 Like, it's okay if I buy most of my strawberries (from my local organic delivery) and only manage to bake two tarts with my own. Those are just the best tarts. 🤷‍♀️

And if delivery of strawberries is ever interrupted, I still have those two tarts. 
 And, in any case, strawberries have pretty flowers and make good ground covers and the birds love them. 🥰 
 🍓 are underrated! 
 Yup, doesn't have to be much though. 
We only have handtools for example, they're just really good. Professional row sowers, efficient chicken coop etc... 
Things that enable you to 20X your output easily but don't make sense for the needs of one family.  
 Self-sufficiency in that sense makes you less productive and makes you end up with less network and capital.  
 Hardly anyone can be self-sufficient. However one can strive for increasing resiliency. 
 Yes. Will be more apparent when someone gives up earning sats, to focus on spending a summer growing enough tomatoes for 10 jars of spaghetti sauce. 
 Isn’t there also often a multigenerational nature to effective non mechanized agriculture?  So we need to stop being transient, and find a way to be graceful, forgiving, and get along with our ancestors and children and in laws. Or else marry better within an aligned set of values. This is a different direction than the world has been going.  
 Regeneration is low time preference, yes, and to regenerate you don't really need heavy mechanisation all that often.  
 If calculated only in terms of money, then yes. But if calculated in terms of covering all 'chicken egg needs' of a family at any time, not depending on outside sources, and fully controlling what you feed to your chickens, controlling whether they are polluted by mRNA gene therapy as most livestock nowadays is in the US and Europe, then I believe it is worth it.

 I think this is an American homesteading thing. Europeans have always tended to live in house-clusters, like villages, and trade with the neighbors.

I buy milk and eggs from the farmer down the street. I don't need my own cow and chickens. I buy honey from the beekeeper next door. Etc. 
 to what end? 
 Doesn’t even have to be so organized just plant food instead of random non-food plants. 
 Solar and a hut for the ASICs is missing 👾 
 Nothing beats the secure feeling in fall when harvest is in and the storage is full of premium veggies and firewood is stacked. Shure i can always buy more but its just satisfying to know i can feed my Family with good food in a warm house, even when the next psyop or inflation makes it difficult to do. 
 GM boost 🚀☕🚀

 A fence is never good enough to protect against rabbits, not to speak of wombats. We're in the 21st century and we earned it, it's okay to reach for laser defense systems against rabbits. And drones/nano bot swarms/micro nukes against Wombats respectively.  
 Work in progress  
 It will be my love! Next 5,10,20 years. Renaissance 2.0! 
 Mobile duck house! Love this whole vision. I’m in! 
 Great, except we need to pin the pigs. They go feral, like my ex pretty quickly comrad. 
 So peaceful 😌🧘🏽‍♀️ 
 That would be nice 
 Families would be bigger again 
 looks so chill 
 I would love to. Imagine you can grow your own food AND have the time and money☀️ 
 Homesteading is what all freedom lovers are supposed to do, from what I've researched. 
 yes, buy Bitcoin, sell your production for Bitcoin.

mining is not interesting and it's highly specialized environment. do what you do best, leave mining to specialized entrepreneurs that are best in mining. 
 That's how we've ended up with the mining industry we have. What we really need are a lot more people mining at home 
 Honestly, the path taken from the mining industry was unavoidable. Home mining is a burdain that not anyone would jump on willy-nilly and the scale helps to reduce costs.

 Home mining is not the future of bitcoin mining, because given the same computational power per cm2 of chip and given the same marginal profitability, it's always better to stack a ton of asics rather than having one.