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 Good morning nostr, woke up rested and ready for the day.  But for now it coffee time and a little nostr scrolling.  I really need to go through my box of seeds and decide which ones i should be starting soon.  Apparently our plant hardiness zone has changed from 8b to 9a.  A few days ago i threw out some more daikon radish seeds because lots of my plants froze during the last cold snap.  But now i'm seeing some of the "dead" ones greening up again, so thats good.  Anyway, thats what i'm thinking about today.  Yall have a great Wednesday nostr friends, and remember to do your work with a happy heart. #coffeechain #grownostr #homesteading #gardening

"Life begins the day you start a garden."
 Good Morning Maria! Have a great day ☀️ 
 Good morning ✌️🧡 
 good morning ☀️ 
 I need to rip up grass before starting a new garden 😅 
 Cover with cardboard and woodchips or just tarp it for several months. Kills most persistent rhizomatous weeds 
 Good morning 🐶🐾🫂☕️💜 
 Gm Maria! ☕️☀️😸 
 Good morning ☀️ 
 Buenos días ☀️ 
 Goodmorning maria 🫡☕ 
 G'day Maria¡!¡!¡! 
 GM 🌞☕️🫂 
 Good Morning Maria happy hump day my friend 🫂💜🫡 
 Morning Maria 
 My zaps aren't working from this browser ATM, but I want to say I appreciate this post and alternative interest content.

Makes me think I need to start figuring out what we'll be doing in the garden this year. 
 Good Morning