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 Most people don’t know, don’t care and don’t care to know. 
 just be one of the others 🫂 
 That's just the way it is and no matter how you try. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to change it. 
 rhhhiiizzeee up!  
 Animal spirit 😅 
 People aren't built for fiat warfare. 
 Just need to awaken the lions 
 Most peeps dont know what they want…😓 
 Passengers in their own story. 
 Step 1: Make them care.  
 The "need" will make them care.. the desperation. 
 * Make them know, they would decide whether to care or not. 
 The hardest part 
 THEY: "I don't have time.."

ME: "GFY!" 
 I don't care to know about the Baltimore Bridge 
 And won’t listen. 
 ignorance is bliss  
 “They said they don’t know  sometimes I wish I too had the blindfold 
Fragile inflated egos rigid unable to flow Talking about nothing belly button and Louis Vuitton whatever the trend they be nodding fire in the hole tired I just want it to blow so I’m looking for numbing roaming searching for questions  answers none it’s just a shitshow  they just want it to grow but it’s really just nothing..” @gek #NCVI 
 I don't care to know most people.  
 If you don't believe me or don't get it, I don't have time to try to convince you, sorry. 
 another's belief levels have nothing to do with your time lol  
 When you're so low and can no longer see the sky it's hard to imagine what the stars look like.  

They need to know more is out there for them, then have a taste of it, and feel the pain of almost loosing it, only then will they be ready. 
 It’s was so blissful back then I even trusted my government!!! 🤦‍♂️😂 
 Indeed, but pointed in the right direction and harnessed the right way, that is what we call "Proactive Apathy". 
Certainly there is plenty worth knowing, and plenty worth one's attention, but the deluge of inane garbage that is shoved in one's face every day is substantial and 99% worthless.  

 this is a hard lesson for me. I feel like I have to learn it over and over again (or  - more likely - it still hasn't quite sunk in) 
 They’re gonna. 
 People should care, should know, and should care to know. They need to learn to know to care. 
 'Yeah alright I get it, bitcoin is at 1.000.000$ but it can go in any direction, might as well go to zero. It's used by criminals and governments could just ban it, what then? How would I get my money out of bitcoin? Nah bro I'm not a gambler.'  
 Proof of Early  
 Some people walking around in a world where bitcoin has been winning for half their life and they still find ways to dismiss it.

Ignoring the fastest horse and wondering why they’re stuck in the mud. 
 Let me stop you there, if anyone cares anymore its titcoiners. 
 we do 
 Trying to help people understand what's going on right now is like going back into a burning building to pull someone out. Only to have them keep punching you in the face and demand evidence that the building is on fire. Even after they admit they can see the flames.

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 Çoğu insan bilmiyor, umursamıyor ve bilmeyi de umursamıyor.

 I see this every day as I walk through the streets ....