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 Damus on iphone, macos, linux, android, android tablet, and ipad. All native. No web.

 Oh boy… 👀 
 Holy shit! Is this released? 
 Woohoo I have Linux I’ll take a look 
 Wow all these screens. Keep up the good work. All devs know its so much work what you do 💪 
 so do I have to multiple my screen time by 6 watching this video 🤣🤙 
 Awesome!!! 👏👏👏 
 Eat your heart out Apfel 
 Oh dear! this is going to be amazing! 
 Good job 👍 
 wait, you can get Damus on macOS? 
 In two ways now… 
 You definitely need some more devices 😂

I thought only my desk would look like this, but this is the proof that every mobile developer’s desk looks the same 
 Damus on Linux desktop? I want that! 
 GrapheneOS? I’m a n00b. 
 in need of red shift oof 😎 
 Coming to gnome software store??? 
 Its entirely possible 
 I’ll take as a “yes/eventually” ha 
 "Damus is available on iOS, iPadOS and macOS (M1/M2)."... ? Where Android or Linux link? 
 Its in development 
 My man. 

 fucking legend😂 
 Is this the Rust client you talked about months ago?  
 Ah sorry, just saw the other notes. AWESOME!!! 
 No I think this is a video from a click-farm in India😂 
 Clean that laptop screen pls 🤣 
 where linux native damus? 
 Can you tell us which UI framework you use for that? 
 I'll have a look, thanks 
 For a second I thought this was a Vision Pro demonstration. 😂 
 Damus just need to implement some missing NIPs, like NIP-09. 
 Android? When??  
 👀 maybe there's hope for my old galaxy tablet after all 
 Damus for Android ⚡
We can test it when you need ! 
 This is impressive work. 
 Damus! On Android and Linux!!! How? 
 Comfortable knowing that our notes are viewed at least 6 times 😂 
 Wow wow wow. 
 “Welcome to Best Buy.“

But seriously, badass. 
 Congrats and thanks for all your hard work! Gotta try the linux version 😀  
 what did you use to write it? 

I'm assuming it is only one codebase... Flutter? 
 Looking at git, no, rust with egui and eframe, much better performance than flutter (and depending on the device can be more performant than many "native" gui frameworks) 
 On fire ⚡

 Also Apple Silicon macOS ? Had to uninstall in the past because of crashing at startup.( but worked for a while before general crashing) 
 Winders users in disbelief.
 They’ll need to upgrade to double glazing 
 I don't get this joke. Is this a reference to Windows Vista's aero glass UI? 
 You’ve gone too deep my friend. It’s a reference to windows like you get in a house.

Don’t forget the real world. It’s still out there waiting patiently for you. 
 Swift to Rust?  
 How do you run it on Android and Linux? 
 Looking forward to trying Damus 👍 
 Whoa 💪 
 So that’s where you’ve been 
 Ohh a native Linux Nostr Client would be awesome.

(I know there is Gossip, I love you, Gossip, but you are too raw, perhaps if you were only CLI/TUI, I would like you better)
 Linux? wen? 
 When its ready 
 should I try to build it on bsd? 
 please do! 
 it almost compiled but blew up in nostrdb.get_cpu_cores:


it looks like “sysctl hw.ncpu” works:
$ sysctl hw.ncpu

I’m trying to figure out where the “cargo run —release” command cloned nostrdb so I can attempt to patch that file 
 forked all the repos. no promises other than to give it hell 
 you just need to fix nostrdb (type make check) and I can fixup nostrdb-rs and notedeck 
 Should be fixed on notedeck master 
 I got check passing on cpu.h and random.h, where the latter needs to call getentropy(2). I’m deep in the weeds now on getting the ./deps to build. gcc, autoconf, automake… it’s all missing 😞 
 um… yes! 
 WEN Windows? 
 When is it coming out on Android and Linux!? 
 When its ready 
 pokémon go energy https://i.nostr.build/OzZA.jpg  
 You get a Damus! And you get a Damus! Come and grab a Damus! Y'allall get a Damus!1!!
 When Damus for Ubuntu Touch? 
 That’s a lot of Damus 
 Holy fuck let’s uh. Fucking go? How the fuck has no one zapped this here, Lemmy help out. 
 You try so hard. 
 What do you mean by native and no web? 
 Wen F-Droid? 
 Android? Thats new. 
 How can I download this? 
 Gnome Software store or???