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 GM #coffeechain! PV ☕🇮🇹💜🍀🤙
I want to pay my espresso with #nuts..
#coffee #italy #growNostr #fun #funstr 
 Buongiorno! 😁☕🍀💜🤙 
 In certe cose siamo veramente oltre 😅 
 Ormai all'estero raramente bevo caffè.. troppi "trade off" 🤣😅 
 Solo ai distributori automatici 🤣🤣 
1€ ormai dura al nord aimè 
 Anche al sud ormai diventa difficile.. il che è assurdo! Pre covid 0.7€ praticamente ovunque  
 @JeffG so 🇮🇹 is good with coffee but bad with govt, sound about right? 😄 
 can confirm the italian side of this experience 🎯 
 We are all a hit Italian deep inside.. Latin's root all over. 😁💜🫂 
 No lies detected here 🤣🤙🏼 
 😂😂 so accurate. 
 PV🫂🧡 You speak my language 🍀💜 
 This is 100% accurate, it drives me mad 😠 
 I understand you my fren 🫂💜 
 In Turkiye:

"Give coffee"
"Here coffee"

(Pays later or not at all)

 Australia is the same as the US, except you don't have to tip. 
 Contante per sempre.