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 Wow. They doxxed @fiatjaf. Hey Business Insider and Katherine Long. You can go fuck yourself.
 Oh shit. Drama tax is expensive.
 Oh what the actual fuck  
 I refuse to read the article because I don't want to know his name out of respect for the nym.  
 Well said.  
 It's Jeff Fhiat 
 What the fuck?? I see an article from today with jack in the title by katherine long but paywall. Is that it? 
 just read, scum reporters. just casually cite that in a previous,interview they respected his right to anomymity, not in their article though cuz its a hit peice.

shame on them. 
 upset about the wrong thing
centering the wrong thing 
 All intentional, that’s the game 
 oh ok did you make the game
did you design it
is it yours

cos if not how do you know
& how do you know what level of what game inside a game 
 Anyone else notice that you can't spell Katherine without Karen?? 😂

 leave it to the media to focus on a bunch of bullshit that doesn't matter and moss the real story.  
 Paywal too high for you? Let me help… https://archive.ph/uXdXN 
 Stop right there. Any MSM paywall is too high. 
 The bitch has her e-mail published: klong@insider.com

Perhaps spam her with good wishes? 
 psyop i guess from narrative of language  - it was competition not a founder 
 We are all fiatjaf. 
 Oh damn 👀 
 What the fuck… 
 wtf not cool 
 Damn, so his name isn’t even Jeff. 
 Haha... Thanks for the laugh in this stressful time. 
 WTF. Regardless what a person’s social and political views are, a journalist doxxing an anonymous developer is fucked up on numerous levels. Shameful 😔 
 they have agenda 
 its the opposite of jounalistic integrity 
 The article doesn't have any signature... I won't trust 
 Because someone like a point of view, now his a fascist??? All the grandma's of Brazil liked him too, WTF an army of oldies extremist 😂🤣  
 I really thought he was Satoshi Nakamoto.  
 Could be both? 🥹 
 Yes, and batman too 
 So does this mean the next Nostr event is at his hostel?  
 Nostr Elites meeting. 
 Im in for 2025  
 Amazing idea and way to promote #nostr in Brazil. 
 lol, would be epic 
 I refuse this constant insistence that I have to sign on to absolutely every damn thing someone has ever said or done, in order to have a business relationship with them.

Absolutely totalitarian thinking. 
 It’s cancel culture. The proponents are so steeped in it they have no clue how it could be wrong. 
 Yeah, and they're about to find out that Nostriches don't roll like that. 
 for a start i'm pretty sure fiatjaf is moving house lol 
 On the other hand it's hard for me to find anyone I agree with about enough important stuff to have a business relationship

And any time I do, business insider will always hate them 👽 
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 Not only doxxed but went ahead and spun a narrative to fit whatever the hell conclusion they desired to meet.

It reads like a political hit piece while dragging a humans privacy through the wringer. Another sacrifice of the agenda. 

In essence, it’s another example of Nostr being a threat to the status quo of legacy media and how the only way to be truly anonymous online is to not be online at all. 
 Absolutely. It's a fucking shit show.  
 People without dignity, karma awaits them 
 So many low blows too. I had to roll my eyes when they trotted out Pepsi's use of stem cells from aborted babies — ok, we don't have proof the actually did, but they did partner with a company that used kidney cells to emulate human taste buds to enhance flavor profile testing! Is that not worth being concerned about? 
 Makes me wonder if she actually thinks any of us care about her "journalism". 
 It’s a political hit piece, and she is just the minion. 

The question is who ordered it, and why. 
 There is no way the cretins haven’t figured out the blow to their power of a cryptographically enforced internet. It’s coming, and they know it. 
 Because Bitcoin x NOSTR = FREEDOM. 
 Coincidence after talking about #nostr in Oslo. 🤔 
 And she and BI haven't put in any effort since he was doxxed in late 2022. 
 Why now 
 The conference, maybe, and Jack saying that he likes Nostr better than Bluesky. 
 Lyn is a big fan of nostr too, but jack's the one with the normie clout level, so they are fraidy

idk what might happen if seriously large amounts of VC capital flood into this space though, can't decide whether that's a good or bad thing 
 Love you @fiatjaf

We are about to find out if everything is good for nostr.

Personally I think it is. Stay safe out there 🤙 
 That is screwed up, Love you Fiatjaf.  
 that’s fucked up 
 Is this Katherine on MySpace? I can't find her 
 This.... Means... War...! The war on privacy is now in full swing! 
 am I missing something? the article doesn't have any identifying info on him. not even his name?

 What the actual hell. He should sue. 

I can’t believe this. 
 He should sue, and shouldn't have to. He should have enough people stand up for him in a situation this that he wouldn't even have to 
 What's her home address? I'd like to send a disapproving letter. 
 You can send her an email: klong@insider.com 
 Home address please. Email is too informal. 
 Xitter link for anyone who cares to share their opinions with the author   😉 https://twitter.com/byklong/status/1798757854226350556 
 I just did 
 I'd go like and maybe follow on there but I haven't opened X in a while and don't feel like giving it ad revenue right now 
 Massive engagement on her tweet 😂 
 There will be soon lolol 
 Wow, what an asshole 
 Big one 
 I think she'd just block me like she probably did on bluesky when I was on there 
 And then they attack us and then we win  
 "You don't hate journalists enough. You think you do but you don't" 
 Wow! That’s not cool. 
 WTF. Straight up hit job and doxxing. GFY, Katherine Long and BI. Your pathetic narrative weaving is an insult to your readers, and proves only your own shallowness of mind. 
 What the fuuuuck 

this just fucked up my day 
 Same brother. May need to go drink some beers and clear the mind. 
 I’d just get more pissed if I was drunk 

I need a blunt to turn into a pacifist 
 Smoke up 
 Absolute garbage human beings. 👎 
  @fiatjaf needs a new nym

fuck this 
 Won't help, he's screwed. 
 I wonder if 4chan would be interested in destroying her life. 
 They're attacking. That means we're doing it right. 

  @fiatjaf Don't stress, and fuck Katherine Long. 
 Sooner or later all Bitcoiners will get doxxed. This is especially peculiar as fiatjaf was considering attacking Monero a couple of years ago.

The take away from that drama is that everybody here could turn into a politically exposed person over night. So the best time to start to protect your future self was yesterday. The next best time is today.

If your ego or hubris doesn't let you acknowledge the upsides of Monero, you will learn through suffering. At the end everybody will be wiser.

 They Hate #Nostr for being successful. They GFY 
 Katherine Long and Business Insider, you must be VERY proud of yourself.

 Anyone have a link to just the text of the article? 
 Fiatjaf needs to be full anonymous now . It is for security reasons of him. The State is coming attack any Bitcoiner or developer create tools for privacy and freedom 
 Open protocols should survive without the founder 
 And we haven't noticed for 9 hours 😢. Stay safe @fiatjaf! 
 bad news for @fiatjaf but good news for humanity !

as Sun Tzu writes - "build your enemy a golden bridge to retreat across"

well in their thirst for clicks the idiots did the exact opposite.

by the way, i make YouTube videos with my real face where i talk about how Jews run the world ( they get removed after a while but oddly i still have my account ).  on YouTube i stop just short of calling for assassinations of Politicians as i do here on NOSTR.

@fiatjaf should get a channel too.  i can provide some tips in terms of what equipment to use.

as @M. Dilger said in the end they will find out who you are so may as well stop hiding. 
 You don't hate "journalists" enough. 
 Meanwhile, it’s like an alternate universe discussing the exact same thing over on Mastodon 🤣🤣 
 Wow. What a shit hole place. 
 Same on bluesky 
 I got perma banned from bluesky when I really started trying to hype up nostr, lol 
 Everywhere on the internet is a shithole right now. Mastodon is one of those places whose best users will help nostr become a good place when they realize nostr is the one place online where the main problem is simply needing more people. If I had a Mastodon account I'd be replying to people on this topic right now trying to offer some guidance about nostr and stuff 
 hey don't dis Virginia  
 Virginia seceded, people will always diss it. 
 birthplace of eight presidents 
 that was bizarre to read a mastadon thread for the first time in my life.   
 I find it so strange that these people all use their faces on their profile picture. they think they are indestructible. 
 If you still have your twitter account...
 Tweet Elon about it, let's see if he cares 
 I'm sure he doesn't. Plus nostr is a potential competitor. 
 Just awful! 
 Can someone find her guy too? 😅 
 Such a trash person. She must have a completely miserable existence. 
 Such a shitty move. 
 1 BTC = 1 BTC
1 Fiatjaf = 1 Fiatjaf
 Take out just these types of articles after talking about #nostr in Oslo.

It is at least suspicious. 
 They can fuck each other. 
 Business Insider are a bunch of journalist hacks. 
 What the actual fuck. What's up with 'journalist' doxing people 
 It's completely fucked up. 
 Someone give her a taste of her medicine 
 Here in 🇳🇱 you can get convicted (and go to jail) for doxing since this year. This type of journalism is 🤮🤮🤮 
 Oh wow.  
 TIL @Derek Ross is @fiatjaf... Or is @hodlbod @bitcoinsandy? Doxxing is hard 😂

 Most interesting thing in the article is the hostel!  
 Actually @fiatjaf has been doxxed in late 2022 on darknet. Katherine have just found this:

 Now we need to see the MO of this attack. It won't come out, likely because the BOOKS. 
 Doxbin isn't even on the darknet anymore, it's a clearnet site now lmao; to note, the latter isn't affiliated at all with the former's founder. 
 MSM 🤦
 surprise! shes on bsky :  https://bsky.app/profile/klong.bsky.social 
 I recognize her name from my time on bluesky (as the user called "blocked by pfrazee") but I can't remember why 🤔 
 que mierda! 💢 
 Oh what the fuck. 
Also, Leftism IS a disease. As is Rightism. And all political orientations ;) 
 Hate is a disease. 
 "there's no plan for a global socialist regime but also this guy is an enemy of the global socialist regime that doesn't exist and this piece attempts to destroy him" (here's the Business Insider article: https://archive.md/3gPe7 )

 昨天, Business Insider (商业内幕) 的编辑 Katherine Long 发了一篇关于杰克·多西资助 Nostr 的专栏.
> - https://www.businessinsider.com/jack-dorsey-fiatjaf-nostr-donation-2024-6
> - https://archive.md/3gPe7
文章里的部分事实确实是无可置疑的, 比如硅谷的自由主义退潮, 科技精英转向支持右派; 杰克为了 Nostr 捐赠资金, 还向 fiatjaf 赠予了 14 个比特币; 杰克不知道也不在乎 fiatjaf 的真实身份.
然而文章实际上意在人肉搜索 fiatjaf 并曝光 Nostr 目前事实上 "CEO" 的身份, 并把 fiatjaf 与巴西 "极右翼分子" Olavo de Carvalho 关联起来, 文章说 fiatjaf 创建了两个网页专门 "宣传" 他的作品.
> - https://site.olavo.fiatjaf.com/index.htm 
> - https://fiatjaf.com/livros-olavo.html
为什么至此就能说 fiatjaf 就是 Olavo 的信徒? 因为文章还说, fiatjaf 在离开 Twitter 前, 资料页上写着: "Leftism is a disease. (左派是种病.)", 2009 年的时候还参加了 Olavo 提供的在线 "文化马克思主义阴谋论 (cultural Marxism)" 课程.

商业内幕的这位编辑通过 fiatjaf 的 GitHub 中的仓库开源许可协议中的权利人找到了关于这位匿名开发的身份线索, 找到了他线下经营的实体. 还挖掘出他的大学论文, 根据福布斯对 fiatjaf 的报道确认了论文与他的直接联系. 然后根据福布斯的报道对 fiatjaf 的生活经历塑造的意识形态以及 Nostr 创立后的社交媒体发言进行分析, 尝试对 Nostr 的商业行为进行预测.
> https://www.forbes.com/sites/digital-assets/2023/05/30/bitcoin-social-network-nostr-creator-fiatjaf-/

Nostr 社区立马注意到了这篇文章, 绝大部分人都认为这是种低贱的人肉搜索手段, 因为要得出这些意识形态分析结论并不需要进行如此程度的人肉搜索, 特别是对于希望匿名参与和选择成为开源项目 "终身仁慈独裁者" 的人来说. 对于真正参与 Nostr 建设的人来说, 或者是与 fiatjaf 直接接触过的人来说, "极右翼信徒" 这个名号都不如 fiatjaf 在自己账号上发一句 "JavaScript is pure joy" 或者杰克转发一条贴文并配上 "nostr dead" 一样真实而有趣.
很可惜, 商业内幕的编辑错过了这两条 "Twitter 替代 CEO" 对计算机软件工程甚至 Nostr "大股东" 对 Nostr 本身的评价.

这篇文章背后揭示的现象很明显, Nostr 这个开源项目变成媒体宣传口中的 "Twitter 替代" 的时候就已经被卷入商界视野(或者说市场竞争中)了, 然而开源社区中对于这些下作的 "商业分析" 手段嗤之以鼻. 因为 Nostr 开发者们和大多数的开源项目一样都无意参与这场商业战争, 更无意 "享受" 这样的手段, 甚至把人贴上 "法西斯大师" 的标签.
 Feels like a petty hit piece.  Prolly not to Fiatjaf. But it’s dirty. My next quex is why would anyone feel the need to unleash this genie? 
 Axel_Springer_SE & 3 letter org  & 7,000,000 $ is Ur an$wer.


 Wow. Fucking cunts 
 many cases 
 Just logged on, Doxxing is Doxxing, privacy is also a personal value that should be respected.

Nostr is here for a reason, lest we forget!

Stay strong  @fiatjaf ( whoever you are / want to be ) 
 Fucking outrageous behaviour 🤬 
 Why do we care?  There is no privacy for anyone but the rulers in any fascist system. 
 Found it: nostr:nevent1qqspej0r7jt0m0x59nwuzswuk6qn7l0j67937t26dqjzqfypn9ta3ncpz4mhxue69uhk2er9dchxummnw3ezumrpdejqygplwuxkt5a8vj5utj6s8tsj8e3wcavc45p4mqmw92qs7wrh5azmyspsgqqqqqqszxjjlq