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 Skip all this meaningless hedonism and play legos on the floor with your kids. It’ll lead to a better life. https://image.nostr.build/e91046925971574fdec4d604ae6b648824617ca47d7884102fb72e36473b6a7f.jpg  
 Yes. Lego is 🔥! 
 Yeah can’t wait for my boi to be old enough to play with legos and throw a football 
 Enjoying food, drink, and the company of others isn't meaningless hedonism, unless you make it so. Communion is a sacrament for a reason, feeding your body and your connections to other people is a holy act.  
 The way bourdain describes it is empty, hollow and meaningless. It has nothing to do with communion with god or family. It’s a faux cosmopolitan air he’s putting on. It led to a sorrowful ending for him. Nothing about this quote should be admired or propogated. 
 Let's separate the depressed drug addict from what's actually said here. Because here he's talking about eating and drinking with friends and getting to know people you didn't before. 
 Drinking at 4 in an empty bar means you’re an alcoholic. It’s bad advice. 
 That part is bad advice.  
 Step on legos in between. 
 Did he do it to him self or ? 
 the kids will teach without teaching 👍 
 He ended up killing himself. 

Still good advice  
 Like Epstein did… 
 2 different situations 
 too much alcoolism in it. Lack of wisdom cause it comes from a person who killed himself 
 … and read a good book. 📚 
 Solid advice 🫂

I like Bourdain's advice too 
 But not a better lower back. 😂 
 Well I agree to both you and Anthony. I think it’s phases / stages of your life that differ. 
 What’s the cut off age for playing with Legos? Because if the kids aren’t around would you still play with Legos? 
 “When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put away childish things.” -  1 Corinthians 13:11 
 "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven" - Matthew 18:3-5 
 This made me stop and think. Not that I lost in hedonism or something. But maybe sometimes feel jagged and edgy because I can’t… Like that’s the way it supposed to. Not even sure if this is the correct way to put it. I’m grateful for everything I have but I guess sometimes I let things to get under my skin. It’s good to notice almost like when you find a name for something it’s easier to understand it and identify it when it happens again. Thanks! 
 live for others, not for yourself. worse possible advice. 

if you take care of yourself the world would much better, then trying to please other or live fake lives. 

just take care of yourself.  and everything will be fine !  
 I dread the day my kids stop wanting to play legos 
 A very sad day indeed 
 Yup. Its the beginning of the end of that beautiful innocence and mindless pleasure of childhood. 
 I was just thinking about this, this morning. I liked Anthony but in the end he still chose suicide. Made me wonder your point 
 He did it right after doing the Obama episode in Vietnam. Now THAT makes me wonder. 
 I originally thought he just succumbed to the bleakness of it all… 
 Check out his last Tweets when he talks about Hillary's goons following him after he said she had to know about Weinstein's sexual assaults. 
 Mental illness and depression bring out the inconsistent and sometimes paradoxical interplay  between beliefs and actions. 
 So does criticizing Hillary Rodham Clinton 
 He was murdered. 
 I remember you saying something about enjoying the little things in life. (Even after bitcoin soaring and changing life’s) 

Flying economy 
Cooking at home 

Cant find the note but I am thinking about this one regularly 🫂🫂 
 It’s so true man. The fancy luxury shit really just doesn’t matter at all. Dinner with friends and family. That’s the peak experience of human existence. It literally doesn’t get better. 
 Life is about people. 
 The best ways I know to feel "right," to feel happy and satisfied in life:

1. Work in your garden, or get something else done physical outdoors, especially if you can catch some rays while doing it. Touch grass.
2. Clean something that hasn't been cleaned in a while.  You will feel far better when it is clean, and for having done it.
3. Cook food from scratch.
4. Build a fire and spend some time by it.
5. Take a long hot bath.
6. Stretch.
7. Work yourself until you are sore and tired, and then sleep hard.

Doing these things with family is even better. 
 At the end what else is there?
What do you remember from your childhood? Expensive car, luxury hotel with great service or playtime with your dad and loving care of your mom? 
 No kids but still play with lego🤙🏻 
 Tell each of your kids, the unique thing you love about them. 
 Negroni is Hedone’s favourite cocktail 
 Currently building sand castles 🫡 
 That wagon tho. 
 https://ebeachwagon.com/collections/all/products/the-woodie-beach-wagon I fit 5 chairs, 2 coolers, a 4 year old, endless toys, 2 tents all in the wagon since we have to walk about 150 yards from the house over the scorching dunes. Expensive? Yes. Worth it though especially with a child and a couple 70 year olds 
 Yeah I want to sit on the floor with child support generators instead of sticking my pen in a strangers inkwell.

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 the plural of Lego is Lego