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 🚬😎 Amen! 
 Political-ism is much worse.  
 A mental disorder. 
 Virtual world can hold both without physical conflict. That’s the best of crypto. We can have communism side to side with heritage-ism and both gonna fight on the market against king #bitcoin. 
 You are correct, but many ppl don’t know what leftism is. Just look 👀 at all the Maga’s that are okay with money printing & free money, red-flag laws, GMO’s £ 5G & Freedom cities & Digital ID & CISA & growing big gov & abortion (in the first trimester) & DACA & illegal search & seizure, etc  - as long as trump (not Biden) is doing it. But let’s not kid ourselves… it’s not all this leftism that bothers them - it’s what team the leftist is on that bothers them. IOW, they’re leftists too. They just “identify” as conservatives.  
 The irony of someone with a Thoreua profile is funny 
 Only to the low IQs  
 I hope to be this unbothered one day.
 This the dude their making the big fuss about? 
 "mr big shot" 
 I don't know who that is, but happy that you're here, brother. (I'll think of a dad joke response soon.) 
 olavo de carvalho 
 Never heard of Olavo de Carvalho so I looked him up and here’s a quote from Wikipedia:

> As described by an obituary, Carvalho's political views were summed up in one of his tweets: "Capitalism is the godfather and protector of communism. The war is not between capitalism and communism, it is between CHRISTIANITY and communism."

He’s 100% right. Capitalism leads to Communism, we’re seeing it now in the US. Just based on this, I imagine he’s in line philosophically with Juan Donoso Cortes and Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira ✝️ 
 we are getting some schooling today 
 I think attempts to regulate capitalism leads to communism. 
 Capitalism and communism both stem from the false anthropology of liberalism. I am very much pro working and trade but we have to remember that the term and notion of “capital-ism” is a very novel concept in terms of the length of human history. The Silk Road for example existed well before capitalism. A regulating entity called “the state” is also a very modern idea. All of it is based on a misunderstanding of human nature by thinking we’re fundamentally individuals, specifically economic entities, which we’re not. 
 Love you Fiatjaf!  
 Ceci n'est pas une fiatjaf. 
 Il y a deux? 
 il existe une infinité 
 We are all fiatjaf 
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 Who is Katherine?  
 Fuck Springer Media... They are the German equivalent to the daily fail. Shame on them for doxxing🤮 
 Based AF. 😂 
 Lol, Amethyst helpfully translates this from the original for me. Now it makes no sense. 
 COVID-19, damn 
 You look a little older than I expected Fiatjaf 
 Fuck 'em 
 Esse que é o tal  do guru facista? 
 Esse mesmo patrão 
 Esquerdismo é uma doença mesmo, e esse "artigo" (hit piece) é uma demonstração clara 
 O professor Olavo é um fascista! 😂 
Até na gringa, aí não dá kkkkkk
 O Véio da Virgínia era FODA! 
 Fuck the state and centralization 
 Hannibal Smith from the A-Team ? 😆 
 One of the greatest Brazilian thinkers of all time. Olavo too. 
 An appropriate middle finger to the thought police

 Ora porra! 
 in our society, fetishism is not usually considered pathological, so we should be tolerant. 
 Hey @jack we can see you zapped this post with a little hug emoji. Did you bother to look up the guy in the picture? Because with a little google search you can easily find that Olavo de Carvalho was a racist, homophobic man who thought there were fetal cells from aborted babies in coca cola. that HIV doesn't appear among heterosexuals, that covid was an invention (he died of covid):  https://www.brasilwire.com/olavo-de-carvalho-the-guru-of-death/
As a public person, do you share these values? taking a photo with human rights activists yesterday and endorsing someone like that the next day is extremely disturbing. As a public person a little consistency is required no? Nostr is such a cult that if Hitler were a bitcoiner on nostr, the large majority would be ready to welcome him with open arms and defend him without question. 
 nice fanfic 👏👏👏👏
He was such a great pain in the ass of brazilian leftists, that even international leftist know about him. This only shows the great expertise that Olavo de Carvalho had about socialism/comunism, and that he achieved success in exposing the modus operandi of "intelectual" leftists. And as always, the left reacts by spreading misinformation and person attacks, because it cannot win any debate since the foundation of leftist ideas does not have substance or consistent metodology. Olavo always bothered to show the lack in leftist ideas metodology as a former leftist. He got the brazilian socialist elites very angry, they tried to cancell him with all the media misinformation and attacks, BUT THEY COULDN'T, he did not lower his head. Olavo is a hero! 
 Bro I really don't give a fuck about your hero, the first time I heard about him was an hour ago when I googled the name I saw in the comments. There are hundreds of millions of racist, anti-vax, homophobic, pro-war people (well I must admit the story about the fetuses in the coke is a bit unique). My post was about Jack who in other posts seems to have opposite values from the view of the man in the photo, for example the photo with the human rights activists (I dont that they are pro-war racists) so I was saying that you have to be consistent in your posts. Even if Jack decides to say Octavo is the best person on earth and i agree with everything he says, same I don't give a fuck, he is going to be a one among hundreds of millions. 
 I hear you, and you're right, most users on Nostr probably haven't heard of Carvalho before. The point about consistency is valid. Here at Nostr, we value authentic connections, and it's understandable if seeing a post with Carvalho alongside pro-human rights content seems contradictory.

However, Nostr is a platform for individuals, and users like Jack can curate their own feeds and express a range of viewpoints they encounter. It doesn't necessarily mean they endorse everything someone says in a picture.

Maybe Jack found Carvalho's views on a specific topic interesting, even if they disagree with his broader ideology.  Ultimately, it's up to users to decide who they follow and what content resonates with them.

Your point about the sheer number of people with extreme views is valid. We can't control individual beliefs, but we can strive for a platform with open discussions where users can challenge and learn from each other.

If you see something truly problematic on Nostr, please report it. We take violations of our terms of service seriously.

 Alright ChatGPT 
 I understand you're upset about the hug emoji on the Olavo de Carvalho post. There's no doubt Carvalho's views are controversial, and some of the claims about him, like COVID denial, are serious issues. However, it's important to verify information carefully.

Nostr is a decentralized platform that values free speech. This means a diversity of viewpoints will be expressed, even if some are considered extreme. It's important to remember that Nostr itself doesn't endorse the views of any individual, and we actively discourage promoting violence or hate speech.

The best way to navigate this platform is to be an informed user. We encourage everyone to research figures like Carvalho independently before forming opinions. Ultimately, Nostr is a space for discussing ideas, and it's up to each user to critically evaluate the content they encounter.

I'm happy to discuss this further and provide resources for verification if you'd like. Comparing Carvalho to Hitler is inflammatory and doesn't help us have a productive conversation. Let's focus on the specific issues raised. 
 Outjerked by ChatGPT  
 I suppose it's a gov account or anyway somebody paid to write that shit 
 I just thought it was a cool picture of a guy smoking a pipe 
 Ahahahahahah looks like this account just opened today to urgently express his POV wow it reminds me the old good fake-pandemic days when we have all that freedom and baby-sittted by illuminati fact-(well paied)-checkers.
 I only understood the first half of your message. isn't the very goal of this 'free speech' platform to express my point of view or as soon as it's different from your point of view it becomes freedom baby-sittted by illuminati fact-(well paied)-checkers Bastards? 
You understand what u are paid to.
Fake account.
U smell govs from miles.
No more replies from me.
I close here.
Sure you have the right to express your POV (Point Of View). Do it.
We will do the same. Thats free speech. 
 okay it looks like I'm getting scammed because I'm posting without getting paid. also what does fake account mean? most people here are anonymous.  
  @fiatjaf 🫡 🫡 🫡 🫡  
 Por um instante essa faixa azul aí no peito do Olavo me pareceu uma espada larga medieval sendo empunhada por ele.

Teria sido um grande momento. 
 He denied covid and died from it :)

a genius