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 If good vs evil is always so obvious, why is there such a big disagreement on so many controversial issues? You and I know there’s evil everywhere but will we agree on what is and isn’t evil or will our definitions differ? Does evil exist substantially? If so, who created the evil if God is supposedly all good? St. Augustine answers this by pointing out that evil is the absence of good just as cold is the absence of heat. Then we’re back to square one, what does “good” mean?

I don’t know you but I know you are a sinner (as long as you’re not some AI bot) because you share the same human nature I do. And our human nature was separated from God when Adam committed the first sin, which St. Augustine coins Original Sin. This now sinful nature is apparent as early as infancy when we see babies steal, be selfish, yell with anger, cry, strike others, etc. We do all of that even as adults. Original sin has more profound implications that I suggest you look into what the Catechism of the Catholic Church has to say about it. To deny such a reality is to believe the heresy of Pelagianism which St. Augustine ardently battled. We need a redeemer to pay the wages of our sin. That redeemer must be spotless or else He has no redeeming ability. And so the lamb of God came in the flesh ~2000 years ago and died on the cross for you specifically.

It’s true that people should not self flagellate themselves because to despair is to deny God His mercy and love for us which is a sin. But I urge you to humbly discern, is it your pride preventing you from recognizing truth? What is shameful about a full grown adult saying they’re taller than a newborn? Nothing because it’s reality. If you are actually a sinner (you are) then do not let your pride prevent you from going to the hospital for sinners, the Church. You will fall again and again since all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But we are not God. Do adults ever get angry at a toddler for trying to walk and falling? No, we love seeing a baby go from sitting, to crawling, to walking, etc. Where we hurt as parents is when our toddler pushes us away. So, too, God’s saving grace is helping you even now as He keeps you in existence. Turn to Him and use the free will He gave you to become the saint in heaven He wants you to be.