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 The SHA256 Hash function broken out. 
Mind blowing.
 Best go 512
 3Blue1Brown is fantastic. 
 Is that who made this video?  
 Yes, guy does really interesting math-oriented videos.  

Highly recommend. 
 12 words is enough😂 
 12 words is a 128-bit key, which is still extremely secure 
 Oh this is legit. Ain’t no echo on this one. Hell yes. You sir/mam get zappppp 
 @Phoenix hey check this out you will like this!!!! This is zap worthy. It’s the “signal” slang we use. This is fact data that gets directly to the point. 
 If the world population devoted its resources to develop a single supercomputer to crack a single 256-bit key, using round numbers...

2²⁵⁶ possibilities / (

    2³³ people (8B and some change)
    × 2¹⁰ units/person (may be generous)
    × 2⁹ checks/sec per unit (GHz range checkers)
    × 2²⁵ seconds per year (round, only 6% off)

) = 2¹⁸⁹ years

Even if someone developed a method better than brute force, say halving the bits to 128, 2⁶¹ years is still heat-death of the universe  
 Broke and probly akread defeted