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 I’m new in this platform, Jack, Gigi and Matt are convinced that in less than five years it will only be Nostr. 
 I am. #introductions 
 That's what's up 
 That's what's up 🤙 
 Welcome Leo 
 Welcome Leo 🤙 
 Welcome! I'm curious to hear the arguments for that. 
 Requires a mass wake up call to censorship and agenda driven algos but could happen a lot has been building up to it 
 Welcome Leo. 🫂🌿🐦 
 Que bueno verte por acá, Leo! Tienen razón de que acá está el futuro.

Muchas gracias por todo el trabajo que hiciste en Venezuela y por el coraje con que enfrentaste todo.

Onwards 🫡 
 speak english :D 
 Welcome Leo 👋 
 stoked you’re here 🫂 
 Welcome, maybe in 5 years Nostr will full replace the internet as people know it 
 Un consejo: sigue a harta gente

A diferencia de otras plataformas acá ves contenido según los que sigas, sin que te reempujen basura. 
 welcome 🫂 
 Hello and welcome to Nostr 💜🤙🏻🫂 
 Based on the psychological inertia of most people, I’m not convinced it will happen that fast, but I’m not going anywhere else either way. 
 Hello Leo! Welcome to the free world 🗺️ 
 Bienvenido! Esperanza que con plataformas como esta la dictadura en Venezuela no pueda controlar la información en un futuro! 
 bienvenue Leopoldo hâte de vous lire et puis d'échanger ensemble 🕊️🤍 
 Welcome to #Nostr ✌️ 
 Followed, welcome🤝 
 Welcome 🤙 
 Great to have you! 
 definitely has some of (if not the most) interesting content out there. 
 They're right. Only Nostr. 💜 Patience is key. 
 In the future, it won't be just you and me - EVERYONE will be talking about nostr on nostr. 
 Welcome! 💜✨ 
 Welcome to the new frontier. 🤌🏻 
 Welcome to nostr🫂  
 Welcome 🤗 
 Welcome fren 
 The first lesson is, Nostr is a protocol, not a plataform 
 Welcome to our own web 
 Bienvenido a la resistencia. Junto podemos construir herramientas para cambiar el mundo.  
 Welcome brother. 
 Enjoy! 💜 
 It's been decent so far.  Welcome.   
 Welcome Leo! 
 Welcome Leo! :) 
 Welcome, Leo. 🦁 
 Welcome Leo! I hope you’ll have a great experience 
 Velkommen til nostr 🤙 
 welcome aboard!  
 Welcome to the movement 
Welcome Leo!  
 Welcome to the party Leo 
 Warm welcome 👋🏼 
 Bem vindo a turma 
 Hi Leo🫂 
 They are very correct, welcome Leo 
 Welcome Leo! 
 Welcome 🙏 
 Welcome home Leo ! 
 which site are you using for nostr? I'm on primal.net but half the time clicks are broken and don't do anything. 
 Hey 👋 welcome 🤗 
 Welcome 💪 
 Hi Leo 👋🏼 
 welcome 👋🏻 
 Hi Leo-welcome aboard! 
 Leo the lion! 
 Welcome 🫡  
 Hi Leo, I don't know you but Lyn says you're cool, so you're undoubtedly cool. Good to have you here. 
 Welcome Leopoldo! 
 welcome brother 
 2 years 
 bienvenido, pura vida #hispano 🫂 
 #Nostr is the way 🙂 , Welcome 
 Welcome Leo. We are a great family here!!! 
 I’m also convinced of this 🏆💜 
 Love it! 
 We are convinced indeed 
 Welcome! I think nostr will becole necessary to escape the fouls of the current social media paradigm. 
 Welcome! Good starting place to get acquainted 👇