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 People don't necessarily crave attention. We are starved for *real* connection, not attention.  
 True 🫂💜 
 It is always refreshing to have a nice and reasonable debate about something on the internet. It became such a shouting contest lately... I'm glad we have Nostr. 
 We don't connect to ourselves first before trying to connect to others. 

Real connection requires authenticity. 
 Attention is a poor substitute for connection.

 Are we seeking attention, or are we seeking support?  
 These days most are drunk on just attention, is my guess. 
 "Toxic" people seek attention and crave attention, since they cannot and do not know how to connect to others.  
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 Yes 🔥🧡🫂 
 🤝 Wisdom, be attentive. 
 This. Ty  
 Indeed 💜🫂💜
 I agree. I've learned from Deepak that real connection is love; love is attention, affection, appreciation and acceptance all at once. Connect with those that give love, you'll never feel alone. 

 1,000,000  $ ?   c0nnection to who? for what purpose? How? why? in space time.


 Yes 100% Yes 
 Makes complete sense 
 I think that's why most of us are here. Attention seeking doesn't take nearly as much work as actually learning and caring about someone enough to make an impression on them. I'd take much longer chats with much fewer people. 
 Tell that to 95% of all slutty girl alive. 
 Real connection to “ourselves” 🙏🏻💓🦋 
 The digital age has abstracted real connection away from us so much that we can hardly tell the difference.

 choked by attention
starved from connection