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 Truly amazing how anti-free speech the younger generation is. 

It’s just words you fucking pussies. 
 They are brainwashed to think words are literal violence lol 
 So gay 
 man, Hodl, you are very correct on this, the young men of today are growing up In a world where The Wooden Spoon or The Belt are both unknown to them. 

plus the constant exposure to extreme bullshit in schools and teachers who we would identify as fucking idiots. 

making this generation one big whoopee cushion, nothing but hot air, self disrespecting, pussies. 
 My local community is so screwed. 36% of respondents identified as communist ☠️ https://image.nostr.build/6e069b70566a4066d128fdefdf6617e2834ee3569e7c36d82d00c0b1d6073444.jpg https://image.nostr.build/a6accfb14f24e388064a0b0de9ff75c4152c88a9a51f778f04057af1ed04bf53.jpg https://image.nostr.build/2024182a363bf78914871ff36fcec0d938447fc3177b0b6e17bd47ebd0ab37b1.jpg  
 Vermont has always been commie hasn’t it? Isn’t Ben and Jerrie’s from there? 
 Yes that’s correct. One county in the state is full of a vocal communist population which essentially sets the agenda for everyone.

It makes me sad when Vermont is known for communism though, especially considering how most of the rural population is very libertarian and just wants to hunt and farm in peace.

I’ve got a lot of work to do around here 🫡 
 I support their ambitious communist dreams... give them a slice of the means of production.  Distribute 3 arces of farm land, an Ox, and a plow to every self proclaimed communist.  If they leave their farm they will be shot on site.  They would also owe a fix quota of wheat or corn to the state every year for the general welfare fund.   It would be the cheapest, easiest way to deal with communists.   
 They make really good real maple syrup. That’s where my compliments end 
 Great gun laws! 
 Western commies 
 Sticks and stones might break my bones but words will never hurt me 🐀💨 
 💯 Political correctness has been rotting society from inside. 
 good times make soft men… 

 I spent all my uncle time as roast master. When I have kids I'm going to roast them too. 
 I often wonder how this happened. So many cousins and old peers of mine are anti-free speech. Not like they are on the fence about it but like despise it. We have truly lost the plot. 
 Words matter. Probably a symptom of a generation that has been taught to eschew personal responsibility. 
 A whole generation that’s never been punched in the face 
 I couldn't have said it better myself @HODL

 I blame it on glyphosate 
 They have no F’n clue yet what it will be like to live in a political system that everything thy need will be provided to them, as long as you follow their rules, and expect no more than they decide your worthy of. 
 Is it really just the younger generation? It feels like 9/10 people I know, regardless of age, really don't give a shit about it, many will happily censor if it's "for the public good". 
 some week ago i got banned from twitch for using my nick name IRL since it's a slur xD
it's a super common nickname here in Argentina xD