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 Yesterday, I listed two smartphones for sale on Nostr via Amethyst's Shopstr integration. Today, those phones sold. No Facebook Marketplace. No eBay. Just beautiful decentralized shopping and decentralized payments. I'll ship them tomorrow. We are winning. 
 Felicitaciones Derek 👏👏👏
 I was eyeballin that pixel.  
 Yeah. I've been thinking about what I could sell to utilize that... 
 We need more items for sale. 
 Maybe come spring I'll get back into spraypaint art or something... 🤷

I don't have many material things, nor create them. 🤔
 Wow sounds right up my alley 🤔😂  
 Those were very nice phones and not EOL either. Glad to hear you sold em! Seemed like w good price too 
 Definitely good phones for another two years or more. 
 Love it
 Are they using a parcel or perhaps their home address?
I'm asking for considering opsec. 
 I assume they're personal addresses. 
 Ship to a PO Box or abandoned house. 
 Isn't a PO box under your name?

 Yeah, but we're talking about buying phones not crack. You can use initials on the return address on a PO BOX

If you're buying crack and need absolute privacy, use an abandoned house.

This is just an example. Don't do crack :)

 Thank you king 
 On a more serious note, I think Eric Hughes put it best:

"Privacy is necessary for an open society in the electronic age. **Privacy is not secrecy. A private matter is something one doesn't want the whole world to know, but a secret matter is something one doesn't want anybody to know.** Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world." 
 I've heard this and I agree

Imo the cops will kill you for anything. Not cutting your grass, bitcoin, crack. It's all the same to those zombies. 
 Very well said.  
 Sorry for the dumb question but how did you go about shipping them? 
 Shipping via USPS to the addresses they provided to me. 
 Any source for tutorial on how to do this 
 I just listed the item with Amethyst. It's an icon on the posting menu bar. 
 maybe its because im on graphene that I dont have a menu bar in amethyst... thanks Derek 
 This is what I'm referring to.
 This is amazing. 
 For clarity, @Derek Ross 's arrow is pointing to the third icon, it looks like a price tag. You get this little menu in #Amethyst by creating a new, ordinary post 🫂

This works for the Google store version OR the #foss version 
 Absolutely. Thanks for clarifying for those not familiar 🫂🫂🫂 
 Thank you gentlemen. Enlightened me. 
 You got some free publicity when I demoed Coracle's market feature on the #topbuilder2024 live stream today 😂 
 very cool. thank you. 
 Ya know, I never thought about selling something.. I've got an Ebay account where I sell items of a deceased family member.. Damn that sound shitty.. It is shitty but life goes on..  Hm, I guess I could post pictures.. Thanks for the idea.  
 We need no middleman. This is how we do it. 

 buying and selling using nostr and lightning is beautiful 💜

so easy
so elegant
so pure

me sell, you buy. done and done. 

 Does it have something like a dispute or escrow system? Or is it all good faith? 
 Currently listings of this kind are in good faith, but we’re working on getting a dispute and escrow system in place with @shopstr to make the shopping experience more seamless. 
 I think it would be beneficial to show a WoT score too, in similar fashion to the WoT scores shows on Coracle. 
 Definitely! Our implementation of a WoT score and/or rating system for products and sellers is currently being fleshed out. Might make it one of our milestones for round 2 of Top Builder. 
 That's actually a good idea, nothing sounds more trustworthy than a distributed reputation system, the thing is... how possible would be for a user to just create profiles and say he performed transactions with his other profiles in order to farm himself this socre or reputation? 
 Gaming the reputation system is definitely a concern. Charging some sats to leave a review could be a way to mitigate this. 
 But wouldn't that disincentivize the legit user who is going to leave the review too? What do they win by leaving the review anyway as they are using time wibut  also would  cost them sats? Besides a user with a big enough lightning reserve could still fabricate their own rating.

Gonna think about this further 🤔 
 Feelings good. God bless you  
 where were these listed? Ive got a camera or two that Im keen to sell 
 Are you using amythest? I can point out how if so.  
 you can directly go to shopstr.store ! 
 You can list items with @shopstr at https://shopstr.store and they’ll show up on any client that supports NIP-99. Amethyst and Coracle are 2 of the clients that I’m aware of that do so atm, and they allow you to list items directly as well! 
 This is quite amazing! 
 No carbon footprint social score 
 Great news! 
 Cool.  Should have posted a notice on nostr you had a Pixel 6a up for sale. 
 I posted them on Nostr... 
 Well dang. I missed it then. 
 I have a Pixel 7 Pro that I'm going to list in a week if you're interested in that. 
 I'm wanting to switch to GrapheneOS, so tell me more about the 7 Pro. 
 The camera is the best feature, IMO. You can't beat that 50X telephoto lens. It's a large phone with a large screen. Battery life could be better, but it's all about how you use it and what apps you use. Mint condition, always in a case. I'll even toss in my $50 leather case for free. The only reason I'm selling it is because I was given an opportunity to upgrade. Otherwise I'd be using it for another year or two. 
 how much? 
 690,000 sats including shipping if you're in the USA. 
 how much to Canada? 
 Add 45,000 sats. 
 Sounds good.  How much are you wanting for it?  I was looking to shell out 1K for 8 Pro with 512 memory. 
 It’s working! 
 EBay banned me and I have no idea why.

Guess what? Fuck you eBay!

 Do you know of an btc escrow service for a larger txn if one wanted to sell a big ticket item on shopstr?

 I was looking how to upload to the nostr marketplace...So is with Shopstr, now i can try it🤙. This is so cool sience i have notiece some marketplace apps in my countrie are actively censoring in their platforms. Happened to me twice for no reason. Now they can go f*themselves 
 That sucks that that has happened to you. However, I'm happy that nostr is able to provide a solution for you. 
 Looking forward to the Shopstr presentation this Saturday at Culture Shock @calvadev 🤙🏻 
 Excited to speak and meet everyone in-person! 🤙 
 Sounds good!

How do you access the Shopstr integration in Amethyst? 
 Check out NIP-15 :) 

 And I thought I knew up to nip ~40...! Thank you very much! Have a great day!