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 wisdom for plebs...

learn to lucid dream, for example
and you mind will explode in awe 
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 One psychtotechnology upgrade at a time, slowly grinding upwards, forwards. Inwards. 

 Fantastic. The more people listen to this the better.  
 I see the flow channel matrix as a three dimensional space for us to navigate through.

 There are lumps and clusters of anxiety and boredom, each with gravity, pulling us in. There's comfort in the panic but the anxiety drains your energy, there's calm in boredom but without movement you freeze. 
I'm constantly adjusting, accelerating, slowing down and charting new courses through an ever changing asteroid field of vices. Empty space is great to fix the ship but that's not where the treasures are.

But hey, it's my ship and I'm the captain. 

 Interesting. Must listen now for all the good details. 🤘

The "Awakening from the Meaning Crisis" is a lecture series by John Vervaeke that explores the modern crisis of meaning, despair, and disconnection that many people are experiencing. Here are the key points about it:

The meaning crisis refers to the increasing sense of meaninglessness, bullshit, disconnection from self, others, the world, and a viable future that people are feeling today.[2] This is tied to crises in mental health, environment, politics, and culture.

Vervaeke argues this crisis stems from the breakdown of our "two-worlds mythos" - the worldview separating the everyday world from a higher-order, truer reality that gave meaning and purpose. This mythos arose from the Axial Age revolutions but is no longer tenable in our modern scientific worldview.[4]

To solve the meaning crisis, Vervaeke aims to re-engineer enlightenment and wisdom within a scientific framework, allowing us to cultivate self-transcendence, insight, and deep meaning again.[4] This involves addressing our "perennial problems" - the vulnerabilities that make us susceptible to meaninglessness.

A key part is Vervaeke's theory of "Relevance Realization" - the cognitive machinery that helps us skillfully connect and cohere with reality in a participatory way to make sense of our experiences and find relevance.[4][5]

The series draws from ancient figures like Socrates and the Buddha, as well as modern thinkers like Jung and Heidegger, to provide a coherent path for awakening from the meaning crisis through rational reflection and transformation.[2][3]

[1] Ep. 20 - Awakening from the Meaning Crisis - Death of the Universe https://www.meaningcrisis.co/ep-20-awakening-from-the-meaning-crisis-death-of-the-universe/
[2] What is the Awakening from the Meaning Crisis Series https://www.meaningcrisis.co/the-introduction-to-the-meaning-crisis-series%E2%80%8B/
[3] Ep. 1 - Awakening from the Meaning Crisis - Introduction - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54l8_ewcOlY
[4] Full Summary of John Vervaeke's “Awakening from the Meaning ... https://www.themortalatheist.com/blog/awakening-from-the-meaning-crisis-john-vervaeke
[5] Awakening from the Meaning Crisis || John Vaervaeke https://scottbarrykaufman.com/podcast/awakening-from-the-meaning-crisis-john-vaervaeke/
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