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It's been one year since I published my article about coming around to nostr. As I reflect on it now, many things I said before still hold up. Here's a few of them: 

> "I began to realize the potential of what Nostr is excellent at when I look at it in this light: broadcasting. As an identity system, it is lacking. For getting a message out there into the world where only one shared relay needs to see it for it to be helpful to the recipient, it has done a fantastic job."

> "Easy solutions attract developers, which bring better products and more users, some of which will be more developers. The cycle repeats."

> "On a long enough timeline, it will grow into a similar solution as the early Internet had become.. The idea that Nostr survives this while still being built on top of the same cancerous system that has centralized the Internet is still a joke."

> "Embrace Nostr for what it does well and work to improve its limitations, fostering a sense of collaboration and progress within the community."

There's still a long way we can all go, and I'm excited to see where it takes us. I hope our next Mutiny release can help #grownostr as we keep doubling down on many of the ways nostr appeals to us.

 Just tried the Mutiny npub search. That's really cool.  
 Can't wait to see what you guys launch!🚀 
 GM 🫂☕ Tony 
 Gm, glad to have chad devs like you helping nostr to grow. 
 Good Morning 🌞☕