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 The trick to achieving anything is lots of back to back short term goals. The rest is just grind.

People get caught up wanting to jump to the end right away and get burnt out or discouraged when they aren’t getting there fast enough. This is such a common trap.

Focusing on small wins will keep you going, and after awhile you’ll have results that are a bit better than everyone else who gave up. 
 Baby step 🙌 
 Yes sir 
 GM ☕️🌽 
 Baby steps are also great to get you going / break inertia  
 Indeed Adam 
 When we try to accomplish something big faster we go against nature and its rules.

In reality, things change slowly.

Observe plants, our bodies, and animals.

We all grow bit by bit.

Same rules with goals and dreams.

Reality takes some time to change.

Our brain is fast in making plans and imagining results, but reality is slow compared to our minds.

Patience is key when you pursuing something big.

1% at a time
1 step at a time
1 rep at a time
1 line at a time 


 How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time 
 please don't eat elephant ) they are cute 
 Needed this, thanks! 
 Todays worries are enough. 
 In my (Jesus..) LATE. 40s now, and this is something I only recently realised!!!
Still much to do in life, I hope!!!! 
 Step by step we climb mountains ✌🏼 
 Yep. And if something looks intimidating at the first look, just calm down and analyze the problem.

Disect it into a set of small steps/components. Work on those.

Evaluate the whole thing. Refine and fix.

🔁 until satisfied 
 I need remember this. I look at the business that Jared Polin built and I think "I can do that!" But I need to remember that he started somewhere small as well. 
 💥 💥 
 respect 🫡  ✊ 
 Small steps look like large leaps over time. 
 The push we all needed today 
 Trust the process – and make sure you have a good process. 

 Appreciate this advice 🙏 
 Kaizen, Will.  Japanese term meaning pretty much what you said. 👍
 Taking your time to do things the right way (and good enough) at once gives you speed in the long term.

Fixing bugs and rewriting something that’s not working slows you down and adds to the dev debt (& complexity).

Slow is fast!