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 Inspired to move my thinking over to this platform. Will then take the edge off for the Twitter audience. 
 The more the merrier! LFG 🤙 
 don't forget the ivories... 🎹  
 Great! 🙌🏻 
 Welcome back 🫂 
 Xitter is nasty and manipulative. Much better experience here. 
 Abolish the two bird system. 
 Hell yeah, great to see you here Troy! 
 Welcome! Compared to Twitter it will be a lot harder to debunk energy FUD here. Greenpeace USA won't join the nostr until it's the only option left 🤣 
 glad to have you 
 Gooble gobble one of us, we accept you, one of us 
 Great idea Troy. Love to have you. 
 Yes! Excellent plan 🤗 
 Troy dude, this would be a big value add for nostr (and in true value-for-value fashion, you’ll find yourself well-zapped). 

I’ve found that nostr distills content down to the more thoughtful voices and the highest signal, with a built in mechanism (ie lack of toxic algorithms) to reduce the trash content. As a fellow student of philosophy, I have a feeling you’ll appreciate what this place has to offer.

It takes a bit of work to “get” your account there, in terms of follow lists, relays, and mutes. But it is so damn worth it.

Hope we’ll see more of you here, brother!

PS: was it @ODELL at Oslo that inspired this? Or a good conversation with a nostrich? Always wondering how people find there way here, or decide to stay 🤙 
 Just all the cool stuff coming here and I want to be a part of it and stay on top of developments. Lots of folks inspired the commitment including Matt but also Lyn, Jeff, Jack, and others.

Lyn made the point that she uses Nostr for her hottest and least filtered takes and I really liked that idea. 
 Awesome Troy!! 
 Yes plz 
 excellent idea 🤠 
 Welcome welcome! 🫂💜

Let’s catch up soon 🤙🏻🔥 
 come for the nips and zaps, stay for the signal and censorship resistance 
 nostr ftw 
 That a boy!! Followed. Loved the episodes you had on WBD!!! Welcome sir. 
 Thank you 
 Be the change you want to see in the world sir. We need you here! 
 Awesome 👏 
 Do it!! It’s a great place to share the spicy stuff or test ideas with a highly engaged audience. 
 Welcome back! 🫡 
 Warm welcome! 
 Amazing! Enjoyed you on Twitter but I axed before X. ✌️ 
 Nostr for the more personalized spicy experience while twitter mostly for marketing and eyes. 
 Please don’t bring  #climatescamming with you. 
 I won’t be self-censoring, but will continue to say what I believe, but muting is very easy over here! 
 Same, Jeff talked me into it ~_~
Never was a tweeter, but I'll give it a try. 
 I've been waiting for it!! Glad to see you over here! 🤩  
 That would mean a lot to many people here! To me too! I followed you on Twitter until I went nostr only

 npub is a match 👍🏻 
 Troy, hello 
 We can handle the edges here 😉 
 Yo! Welcome! 
 Man, we desperately need people who can think here. 
 Send it! 
 Philosophize it 
 Welcome to the Nostr family. We are all eyes and ears. Definitely more intimate engagement over here vs. X.