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 we are only what we pay attention to 
 is our attention and time the only currencies we hold? 
 Have you watched the movie "In time" (2011)? 
 multiple times actually, while it could have been matter, i do like the initial idea and prompt a ton and tend to rewatch the clips a lot 
 Time is the currency,  attention defines its value  
 Time is THE asset 
 It’s a feedback loop. 
 DUDE: 💯 
 That makes me big bobs  
 Do you think our screens are addicting? Pondering about @daylightco that I'll get soon and hoping to move as much screen time to that device.  
 a double-edged sword that is 😉 
 This could not be more true 🏆 
 so you now becoming me reading this 🤗
Have a nice day 🙏
Life's to short for sharing negativity🤕 
 Huh, what? 
 I read this and quotenoted it. If you're reading this, you're also Jack and Vic


 I think we may be at least as defined by what we don’t pay attention to, but unaware of how much… 
 Word, i like my siloed existence. Ignorance is bliss is one of my favorite trends 
 I miss you too baby. I guess this means I will be seeing you quite soon then.☀️🌬️🌹🍃✨💋🦁🫂❤️ 
 We pay attention to many many things, some more some less! I must be an architect and florist and naturist, photographer, musician, artist, nurse, decorator, designer, lover, foodie, cook, astronomer, biologist, compassionate, fashionista and so much more! 
 I am my breath. 
 “The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook” 
 So I'm #Bitcoin ?? 🤔 
 No but you're a Satoshi.  
 @Deleted Account 
 I support this note. 😎🤙🏼 
 That’s why my primary goal right now is to pursued you to get a new hat. Surely Jay could help you out? He must have stacks of merch. 
 Ethos Anthropos Daimon

 I am nothing  
 We will not know all the knowledge, we will only pay attention to what is relevant to us. What we know determines who we are. 
 relative identity 
 We pay attention only to what we care or look for..
 You are what the content discovery algorithms want you to be: angry and distracted.

 We are the average of the 5 closest people we spend time with

 Y lo que ignoramos también 🤙🏼 
 Identity is malleable and ephemeral 
 Free will is the act of choosing who you allow yourself to be influenced by 
 Attention is All you Need. 
 As a Man i must pay attention to:

- Physical health 🏋️‍♂️
- Mental well-being 🧠
- Career growth 📈
- Relationships ❤️
- Financial stability 💰
- Personal development 📚
- Community involvement 🌍
- Self-awareness 🧘‍♂️

 I am jack tweet 
 I miss you so much 😔 
 That's from Buddhism or something? 🤪 
 we are what we read 
 "You become what you think about all day long."

 -Ralph Waldo Emerson  
 I like to smell my own farts, but I don't like to smell other people's farts. Weird. 
 Some ppl like Biden farts. Others like trump farts. I prefer Elon or tulsi or RFK or Jack farts. Just kidding… who in their right mind likes farts at all? Are you okay? 
 Which is why being Mindful is so important 😊 
 We can be anything ❤️ 
 I am Bitcoin. 
 Wen ETFs on Cash App? 
 Be the change you want to see 
 Attention is our most valuable currency. Spend it wisely. 
 attention is a moral act 
 what's up? 
 It is said in Farsi " You are whatever you seek"
This a part of a poem of famous Persian poet Maulana.

تا در طلب گوهر کانی کانی
تا در هوس لقمهٔ نانی نانی

این نکتهٔ رمز اگر بدانی دانی
هر چیز که در جستن آنی آنی
 Not only... 
 So true 
 You've changed the world with those eight words. Thank you. 
 pay attention to what's about to come 
You are what you seek
هر چیز که دردرجستن آنی،آنی
 A thought worth delving into. Thank you! 
 Guess what I am paying attention to only!

I will zap your guess. 


 Vibes are "vibes" but they're also (narrows eyes....) vibrations. We're all connected. 🌏🌌 
 …and act upon  … 
 *except when you become what you aren't paying attention to. 
 Bitch please. We pay attention to what criminals do so that we can fucking stop them but it doesn't mean we're fucking criminals you fucking retard 😂😂😂 
 If you ONLY paid attention to criminals and had no other moral framework to compare against you would most likely copy them. Its the exposure to ALL ideas he is promoting,  not just the curated. 
 Bob, you are a fucking retard. Wake the fuck up 😂😂😂 
 You sound like a woke leftist. Fuck off. 
 I am "interesting open source freedom projects"? 
 It's a good start. 
It's more accurate to say people are what they believe.  
 The more people pay attention to the image, the clearer it becomes 👾 
 Good morning and pura vida, Nostr! It's time to create notes and send zaps! 🤙🏻💜🫂

Jack said this yesterday. And it's extremely true. 
 Gotta live the #coffeechain standard 
 we are memory. 

the nuance to attention is the decision to adjust your focus and expand your attention - being fed is not eating. it's the difference between going to a restaurant and your date ordering for you without knowing you well/or ordering what is recommended despite it not being something you like, and you deliberately reading the menus and choosing your favorite food cooked to your preferences - 

most go into a restaurant and order out of habit or the special or wait to copy what someone else chooses. 

the easiest way to see what someone's agenda is: go out to a meal with them and watch how they handle decision at the table, treat the server, and if they speak food/have the confidence to order their own unique meal, or just do what you do. could they pick a restaurant? 

attention is about the ability to adjust perspective and focus - which requires decisions. replicating decision predictability is based on the premise of archetypal psychology - in essence, certain behaviors will illicit certain results from a particular type. that is an aristocratic, feudal mindset - it is based on control and prediction in order to manipulate outcomes. (my job is to outpace the psychological pacers - ). 

dna is, a memory bank. genomes uploaded have memory imprints. dna is genetic material. some descendants living resonate with the digital maps and therefore they align. ai is genealogical because it mimics dna footprints. i hope you can figure out what i mean by that. fun fact about bees: bees maintain a hive lore, long after the generations pass; like crows. i am sure that makes sense to you? i taught the bees how to find new hives in case the exterminators come. please stop worrying about it. 
 It's too bad there is only 24hrs in a day, there is so much to do (talking about the Bitcoin space) 😏 
 In a sense, determinately, we can only know the things we learn. Thus, everything we do now is because of what we do yesterday.

Keep in mind that anything you put into your mouth is what your body is going to be. And anything you put into your brain is what you are going to be. 
 This is straight facts! 
 hence the mute button