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 Good morning nostr, i'm sippin my coffee on this Easter morning, and thinking about the day ahead.  We'll be heading to church first, then to an Easter gathering with family later.  I'll be ready to get back to my planting after all that. Yall have a great Easter Sunday, and spend some time with the people you love. #coffeechain #grownostr https://i.nostr.build/DjmO9.jpg 
 GM. Happy Easter! 💜 
 GM ☕️🫂🌞 
 Good morning 
 Buenos días y felicices pascuas 
 Have a blessed day 💜 
happy Sunday 
 GM and Happy Easter! 
 Happy Easter 🐰💜 
 Happy Easter and good morning to you and the family 
 Good morning and enjoy your day ☀️ 
 Happy Easter!  #ChristIsRisen  
 Beautiful mug. What’s the story 
 Bought it here on nostr, from @C-137 Heather