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 coldcard Q is officially my favourite hardware wallet. this feels cyberpunk af. Super easy to import a multisig wallet from nunchuk via nfc. Finally have an nfc signer with a screen. keyboard is so satisfying.

 Mine is on its way 
 I ordered 2 of them, but no word on when they will be ready for shipment. 
 I ordered March 25 and just recently got the email to order. 
 This march 25th?!?!? 
 Lol, no ‘23 
 Seriously?  I just ordered mine a week ago!  Sounds like I have a long to wait 
 Holy shit I ordered in September. I thought I was close. 💀 
 I ordered mine in Feb ‘23.  Hope it ships soon:) 
 I guess the regular coldcard can do this too but the nfc was really hard to get working so I never used it. This one is much more forgiving, and is battery powered for portability. 
 The main downside right now is that it can’t seem to confirm if a multisig address is mine, so I had to use my bitcoin-core node to do this 🤔. Maybe gap limit issue? Because this wallet has seen some use. Might need an sd card for saving this state?… @NVK 
 Dang, too chonky to fit in a micro pelican case. https://i.nostr.build/vGvr6.jpg  
 I’m reading a cyberpunk book right now ☺️ 
 Which one? 
 No Coincidence https://image.nostr.build/ea3778f0bb79044e6a4e3778c4094492403bb1f22f5b6177c6fa0c606f4fb7bb.jpg  
 Oh, I was thinking True Names or something but it’s a actual 2077 book 
 Oh for sure. Yeah. This one so far is good. Action immediately 
 I like the squishy keys because they're likely immune to the "they can hear your password" hack. (Works on regular keyboards I believe.) 
 Cypherpunk as fuck, but not good for mass adoption 
 i want one! 
 Stahp makin me spend my sats, Will 😩 
 Real question is what is @vrod cooking 
 That looks amazing and makes me want one myself for my trusted hardware wallet.

#BTC #Zap #Nostr #Bitcoin #FreeJulianAssange 
 Will, can you please share with non techs how one sees that a hardware wallet is not pre loaded with malware?
Is that even a concern in any way?
I love it that cold q is made in Canada.

Compared to: Fiat devices. They scam us, yes, but the legal systems pretend to hold them liable and that gives people small relief until they face the music.

What open source software does an initial scan? Any?

Trying to learn. 
 At the end of the day using a hardware device is going to be way more secure than exposing your private key to a general purpose computer.

If vendor and supply chain attacks are in your threat model, then use multisig, otherwise single-sig + passphrase with an airgapped coldcard device should be ok and is simpler to backup over long periods of time. This was my goto-recommendation for ages but I’m not sure how long that will be if supply chain attacks ramp up.

Alternatively you can just do a 2of2 or 2of3 multisig with two different hwws and a tapsigner for convenience. Just make sure to have plate backups for both wallets stored in two physically separate locations.

This is a bit more complicated, this is why Ive always like the simplicity of singlesig + passphrase. Passphrase acts like a two factor in case the physical security of the seed is compromised. 
 As for generating a singlesig key in 2024, i would use coldcards dice-entropy feature. Depending on your level of paranoia I would verify the algorithm a few times on a computer to make sure it’s not back-doored or something (sha2(dice roll string)), doing the final run without the verification step, as that would expose the key to a general purpose computer. 
 Thank you Will. I appreciate it.

I will review these notes carefully before asking further.

 Don't forget to backup the pubx of the multisig or you can't restore it :) 
 Wow! This looks really nice 🤙 
 Looks really great, but source viewable feels just not right. 
 I would love to try one of these!  @NVK 
 Your future @DDepp 
 Bitcoin only though 🙄😆 
 One day I'll get mine.

 I want to move my btc into something more secure. Bear with me, still learning the ins and outs of Bitcoin storage options. What is the difference between something like this and one of those trezor hardware wallets? Does this also store your bitcoin? Will this scan a lightning dress qr code and let me purchase something with Bitcoin? 

 Now if only you had something of value to put in your wallet. 
 Patiently awaiting mine 😍 
 So envious! I can't wait for mine to arrive! 
 This is not going to help mass adoption one bit

Why can’t someone use their talent to make something that’s actually user friendly enough for the average person, like making the iPhone of hardware wallets, elegant, simple and easy to use 
 With these small buttons it looks like a real PITA to use it... to each his own tho... As long as you like it and you happy with it. I don't really see/feel the need for it 
 dude i had resisted this one But the vid looks so sweet 
 Blackberry lovers will FOMO... 
 I loved blackberry. Won't be able to resist. 
 Looks complicated 
 Would be interested in Coldcard if it was open source. 🤷‍♂️

 Can’t wait for mine. Coinkite products have been top notch thus far 
 Man that looks so fucking cool! 
 I remember when I ordered a mk1 and the capacitive buttons were shit. I told support I had problems with phantom button presses and unresponsiveness they blamed the usb cable i was using. I told them I was using an Anker cable. They told me they weren’t aware of that brand and to buy a name brand cable. 🤣 
 Considering it 
 looks solid AF! Now I want one too. Wen??? 
 ColdCard needs to work on its UI & user experience & I say this as a ColdCard user. 

Calling it cypherpunk or retro now in 2024  just seems like an excuse to defend the software design in 2024.

All that screen & it still looks like people need to know how to compile a project from GitHub. 😂

Even the list of options still look tiny for the screen size, it’s basically a bastardised version of the MK4 firmware, slightly enlarged, it’s not taking advantage IMO of the large screen. 

They need a UI designer & someone who can create a look & feel that is both more modern & more user friendly. 

Just my thoughts. 🫡 
 That's fantastic to hear! Coldcard is indeed a favorite among many for its security features and cyberpunk vibe. Being able to import multisig wallets via NFC and having a satisfying keyboard adds to the overall experience. It's great to see hardware wallets evolving to meet the needs of users in the ever-changing landscape of digital assets and security. 
 I went with a Tangem because i could store both my bitcoin and kaspa on the same cold storage wallet.  Cyberpunk vibe mos def 
 Can you sign for multiple wallets or still just the one?  
 Can’t wait to get mine❤️💪🏽 
 ahh that looks sick, waiting on mine to arrive! 
 Cyberpunk and cypherpunk are not  the same. 
 I see cypherpunk as a subgroup of cyberpunk 
 Cyberpunk is dystopian. 
 they available in Canada yet? 
 Blackberry robbery? 
 I mean  UI and UX aren't the same so its not a faire comparison. The MK4 and the Q have great UX imho, it just doesnt have flashy UI, which seems to have been the OPs point. Coldcards have always been function over form. Fancy graphics dont make my wallet any safer.