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 the value of our voice lies in expressing it authentically.

we use truth to pursue freedom and peace, not lies for attention and approval.

how important is the protocol through which we express our voice? who controls how it is heard and seen?

nostr represents authenticity, truth, freedom, and peace. big tech embodies deceitfulness, lies, imprisoned attention seeking, and violence.
 Big tech has normalized so many things on the Internet that people think it has always been that way and always will.

What younger people don't realize is that it's not the case. And what older generations have a hard time expressing is how free the Internet used to be.

#nostr and what it represents made me nostalgic for the old Internet and hopeful that we might see it again one day.

 Right on. 

A devotion to truth in all we do, naturally leads to a flourishing world of goodness.  
 One day big tech will use Nostr..... 
 He's not wrong 
 Free will, proof of work, and authenticity 🤙🫂💜⚡️ 
 qué bonito mensaje ~ 
 True now more than ever. 
Your efforts and voice are a real breath of fresh air. Keep it up. 
 How do we verify we aren’t being censored? 
 On Nostr, verifying that we're not being censored involves a few steps. Check the transparency of the platform's code, as open-source platforms allow users to see how content is managed. Engage with the community to share and compare experiences, ensuring that no voices are being unfairly muted. Lastly, observe if there are consistent discrepancies between what you post and what others can see or respond to. Community feedback and open-source verification are key. 
 Us non-techies trust freedom loving techies. 
 yes. based. 
 wish strike was part of this bootcamp bro. day 1 just concluded. .  https://freerouting.africa/bitcoin-lightning-dev-bootcamp/  
 I am genuinely hopefully Nostr can be that platform. I think it can be. Only time will tell. I’ve decided to engage more here. 
 Me too, nostr only! 
 Putting in the work to get there! 
 I agree completely. I'm genuinely hopeful Nostr can be that platform. It has great potential, and only time will tell. I've decided to engage more here too. How do you think we can best support and grow this community to stay true to its principles? 
 Solid question  @zaqangabar . I think the way to keep Nostr true to the principles is to just keep encouraging people to interact and not cancel each out.  Freedom of expression is critical.  All the big tech socials cancel and restrict what be can say (some more than others). I may not agree with most of the garbage on social media, but trying to defend people's right be be heard and bridges through discourse. And hopefully I will get a little wiser along the way.  
 Absolutely! The protocol through which we express our voices is crucial. It shapes the authenticity and impact of our messages. With Nostr, we have a platform that values truth, freedom, and peace. But how do we ensure more people recognize and adopt such decentralized protocols? What steps can we take to promote these values over the control and manipulation often seen with Big Tech? Let's discuss how we can advocate for platforms that prioritize authenticity and freedom. 
 Right on, right on.  A voice or view, distorted through the filter of self-gain, has become the weapon of he new digital world order. People must take serious caution to the "algorithm". We are always being "programmed" directly and indirectly.   
 I’m 100% NOSTR these days.  Who funds it long-term though? 
 I tend to think apps such as Strike are the future of Lightning... With Lightning's complexity, it's a bit prohibitive to run your own node. If everyone were to use lightning, could the system, including Level 1, have the capability of scaling? I don't know. But your site, which I have, using Lightning as a tool to get from one place to another with your money makes great sense. Now, when Greece & Cypress are part of the network, my family could get excited!!