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 Pics from my walk earlier today. #grownostr #hiking #countrylife #nature https://i.nostr.build/M5z05.jpg https://i.nostr.build/gZzmB.jpg https://i.nostr.build/VwG9G.jpg https://i.nostr.build/KGeAO.jpg https://i.nostr.build/9z2LG.jpg https://i.nostr.build/kZEm3.jpg https://i.nostr.build/7Gd0n.jpg 
 I love your walks 
 Love the iris and Gaillardia 🥰
Is that red one Indian paintbrush? 
 Yes it is😊 
 I didn’t grow up in an area where that lives, but did have a children’s book about a legend concerning it when I was a kid. Then one time I found crimson clover and went nuts, thinking that was it 😂 
 Around here it pops up every spring, we love it. 
 First time to see some of these flowers 💐 Really nice.