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 He is risen!

I proclaim this, especially to those that think it cringe. Atheist and elitist Christians alike. 
 Good morning☕😊 
 Happy Easter 🫂 
 He is risen indeed! 
 He is risen indeed! 
 Christ is risen! 
 Happy Easter! 
 Happy Easter!  
 I'm an atheist, but can still appreciate the annual ἠγέρθη
 Happ Easter! 
 He is risen indeed! 
 He is Risen indeed!

Happy Easter! 
 He was delivered up for our trespasses and risen for our justification!!!! Romans 4:25 
 Too often.  These kids aren't being taught what is most important.

There isn't anything wrong with having fun, but it is sad when Christians make a bigger deal of the Easter bunny and Easter eggs than they do of the risen savior. 
 Maybe the “risen savior” shouldn’t have created them that way? Or maybe there is no risen savior? 
 Nothing wrong with a resurrection to get a reaction 
 Elitist Christians think this is cringe? I don't get it.

Anyways, enjoy this day.  
 There are sects of certain protestant high church traditions that don't believe in a literal resurrection or any of the biblical miracles. Their Jesus is a moral teacher and nothing more. 
 he is rizz 
 He is risen indeed! 
 Well said Sir. Well said..... 
 Amen 🙏🏽 
 He is risen indeed!