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 I thought he was basically out of the race, that surprises me. I know a lot of young people support him.  
 I signed a petition this morning for Secret Service protection and donated Bitcoin to his campaign 
 He is more trustworthy than all other candidates together, is diplomatic and not a warmonger like the biden admin. With RFK Jr as the next president the world will become a better place 
 One can hope. 
 I fully agree, but some of what he said in his recent interview with Dave Smith worried me that he'd be for a war with Iran. 
 I would think that he’ll be too busy with cleaning the sh.. domestically, sending out his best diplomats to get peace talks starting worldwide and he’ll release Snowden and Assange 👍😉 
 He's had my vote even before he announced his run. 
 only real choice left maybe for ~280 million voting americans -ghostsvoters 
 “Ich Bin Ein Berliner”

 he doesn't support free markets  
 RFK has either been bought by Israel or he’s being blackmailed by them. We’ll all find out soon how evil the government of Israel truly is. 
 34% of voters would rather immolate themselves rather than vote for Trump or Biden 
 he opposes nuclear power. so no 
 by the way, Jack, really need to run an idea by you that will make this ecosystem go vertical 
 I would take a HOUSEPLANT and an old marker over Joe Biden. Literally, anyone. 
 I’ll believe it when I see it. 
 I like him! 👏 
 gaining ground! 
 And they are not all democrats either. I watched this last night and there were republicans looking at him as an option 
 eh. again, no candidate who supports funding israel without taxes is getting gen z or most of the millennial vote. i was hoping he wouldn’t want our money going to wars in the middle east, because i wanted to support him, but he’s a staunch war supporter. 
 *with our* 
 👆👆👆🎯🎯he’s a fraud for sure. Just look at his awful wife too. 
 Why support any candidate 
 i don’t 
 Agreed, he had it on a silver platter, and then royally screwed up and, seemingly intentionally, lost all the trust he got. 
 Thanks Jack. 💯 
 In regard to this campaign the Democratic party and Biden are showing their true colors. Who wants to be a dictator again? 
 There’s hope 🙏🏽 
 He's still a Democrat though. 
 His unwavering support for Israel’s genocide in Gaza, makes me question his integrity. Now everything else he says I have trouble believing. 
 I’m in. 
 I'm broadly in favour of vaccines, and the US arming European states (that's the deal for funding your trade deficits). Less so encouraging Isreal to kill more of the 50% of its population it won't give a vote to. That makes Kennedy a hard no for me.

Ofcourse I'm not American, so I have no vote 🤷 
 RFK Jr.'s brain seizes when asked if Jews have too much influence in America.

Awkward response: "I don't see much of that". 🤣

 vote for Trump! 
 The two major party candidates are spending a billion or more for a job that pays 400K per year. RFK jr cant match that. The takeaway here is that they  all three are horrible at basic math. 
 Ask him about Isreal, free speech or second amendment. Fuck m 
 @jack Did you see this poll only had 11% independent weighting as well?

He can win but they won't let him get on the ballot. They blocked him from the primary and now they'll block him from ballots, make up rules as they go along and throw legal hurdles.

DNC prefers Trump over Kennedy because Trump won't really go after the oligarchy. He's just a bit of a nuisance.

America needs a serious revolution. The fact people are putting up with anyone polling above 10% having to go through all these hurdles placed by the uniparty is why nothing will change.